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The game on a twenty nine yard bomb. Steven Nelson gets burned on a deep fade laughed A T Y Hilton who had the huge game against the chiefs of the twenty thirteen playoffs in that Colt. Comeback nelson. Didn't get his head turned in time. He was in decent position. And a great throw by luck. And the colts have an offensive touchdown at five thirty one left in the game. I mentioned that luck has lost a little bit arm strength, in my opinion. But certainly the accuracy right there that he showed was seconded on that the six TD passive Steven Nelson was given up this year. T Y Hilton such. They weapon and now Terry who missed a twenty three yard field goal at the end of the half, which looms bat big is that. Yes that would have been a one possession game. Now. As it stands. It's twenty four to thirteen and still a long way to go. The colts have all three timeouts in the two minute warning. And they have stopped the chiefs offense for the last five possessions vegetarian getting ready for the point after. And his point after is. Misses the field goal. Derek Nadi with the noth- portion appears not only that bene-. Terry miss a twenty three yard field goal. Now. He pushes the point after to the right side and at five thirty one to go in the game. The chiefs have a lead of twenty four to thirteen. That's simply doesn't happen from that. Man. Again, the forty six year old Viteri. With two unaccustomed place just to review Vinnie Terry in his career the most points ever by any player in NFL history in the play offs. These him in and five Super Bowls. He has had game winners in the Super Bowl. But in this game he has struggled a ten play eighty seven yard drive for the colts. They finally get an offensive touchdown. And take three minutes and four seconds off the clock as they found T Y Hilton burning Steven Nelson now the chiefs are up in tissue painting in onside kick, but they're still five thirty one to go in the game. Yeah, I feel like they're gonna kick ticket deeper. Just try to bloop it over that brought lighting and three timeouts and the two minute warning. The chiefs also have to be careful here in a mortar kick attempt Sanchez will lines right? Tremont Smith will pick it up at the twenty. She's trying to avoid a penalty. Smith to the left side thirty five.

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