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Stream dot com promo code back From the K l i. F soda Weight Lost news desk. This is real news and information in the morning with day Williams and Amy Schade rock Good Monday morning. It is 803. Well, so far, Protesters have done it right in Austin. They made their point, but didn't cross any lines. Number of New Cove in cases is down in Dallas County. Yeah, and more than a million Texans have been vaccinated. So far. We're leading the country in terms of the people have actually gotten shot. Joe Biden criticizing the vaccination efforts so far, and we talked with Devon Brown about that earlier this morning. We'll hear from him. Yeah, Twitter has slept another Republican with a time out for violating their civic integrity policy. We have integrity. Don't you know really? You gotta do is spend three minutes on Twitter and see what they allow people to say. Yeah. Ago. We your integrity policy needs a little work. Think any rate will tell you that story. And thank you for joining us on this Monday morning. It is the 18th of January. Glad to have you along. We're also going to tell you this morning. Something you probably won't hear anywhere else is who owns the most farmland in the nation. Oh, yes. Wasn't that an eye open? It's very interesting. It's five minutes after eight o'clock, Let's check traffic and we'll get on with all this news traffic on the fives Now, here's Bill Jackson. It's sponsored by Staples Stores in Arlington on 3 60 North found near Avenue J Erect blocks the right lane that's backed up past Abram and Bedford on 1 83 eastbound at Bedford Road Accidents reported. It's slow going there from her spew drive heading into farmers Branch on I 35 North bound at Valley View of Collision is reported. Staples helps you get back to business this year with custom printed signs now get 25%.

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