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At around the holiday they got up to about fifty percent so people are finding their way back But it's been tough. Most of the stores on state street remain open and museums are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks but the loop ecosystem where one industry success or failure feeds right into another is still struggling. Nobody thinks the loop can fail right. It's so big. It's filled with big corporations with lots of people. Lots of money for what really makes downtown. Go in many ways is the storefront economy and so the store standing behind you you know is suffering because there's not a lot of people down here so our job is to bring more people down like pretty much. Everyone during the pandemic businesses in the loop have had to reimagine how they operate especially as foot traffic once the main selling points of being downtown has slowed to a crawl that includes the goodman theatre which has pivoted to virtual offerings during the pandemic like a recent production of the christmas carol but those activities are divorced from the downtown economy. The goodman is or was a part of we produce christmas carol online. I mentioned how successful that was. That doesn't generate any revenue for petterino's next door. You know when we come back. That's the type of collaborative approach. I think we're gonna have to find if we're going to be able to come back. Successfully managing director john collins is also the chair of the league of chicago theaters and says while it's too soon to put a hard date on reopening he's optimistic. The city will work with venues to figure out a safe way to make it happen as we start to bring back audiences into into art theatres. We can start to fill the restaurants around us. We can start to fill the hotels around us and get back to playing our part back. On wabash locally owned bakery bliss has also had to totally rethink their business model during the pandemic of our businesses corporate and since they were working from home They just weren't you know catering for business meetings and stuff like that. After the initial shutdown owner teresa gang began offering different online packages and started shipping her goods nationwide so far. It's working did better. This past december than in december twenty nineteen and like terry t. on jewelers row gang has stayed open as a foothold for the loop during the multiple upheavals of twenty twenty. You know we have a lot of residential buildings in the lube area. So i think they were grateful that they still had some other options to kind of get out of the house. Come and get a cupcake. I'm glad that we have a lot of customers. That support us. And i really appreciate all the all the help from our customers and the community and trying to keep us going and i think if that continues then everybody will be okay for chicago tonight. I'm quinn myers and the chicago loop alliance as they'd like to see continued. Government aid for businesses and loop is specially shuttered restaurants and theaters. You can learn more on our website. vice president. kamla harris has spent her career breaking barriers. Last wednesday was no different as she made. History taking the oath for the nation's second highest office. She's the first woman vice president and the first african american and person of south asian descent to hold the position. Here's the then vice president-elect vic her victory speech in november on this -nificant of her new role. While i may be the first woman in this office. I will not be the last because.

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