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Oh really king what was going on stephen king films have grit about them that went and be is explicitly the missed miss decision as his books would be e and i think that's kind of like even he has input him felt like his inputting birth margin so i think it's very limited yeah respectful of each material yeah except the shining i heard he didn't like the movie yeah hoodie was very like he hey bed and the book really here i mean in my opinion i am say i the great gatsby whenever day i feel like shut up when i when i read it the roaring twenties aspect didn't come out for me afla was it was done quite blandly you've brought him work the roaring twenties to me it was more like a sweet love story but the the the parties and all it wasn't really in my face as much very much focused on jay and winched idir like khuda winch i'm correct yeah she's a wench anyway so for me that story literally about them and everything else was fit in the shadows i was literally just focused on his relationship with daisy hey trying to make himself morici essentially for her so but when i watched the film because it was shot so very artistically and the rury couldn't escape it that's when i went back and re ready and i was like so the film gave the book mukalla in my eyes i think i liked it back to the second time i read them.

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