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Boston police every single day there. Excellent police officers that we walk into court with to have hearings trials, etc. I don't want the community to believe that we are already biased in finding them not responsible. For example. The team is called the discharge integrity team. It's a first for the state. It includes a health advocate from the city of former judge a detective and a lawyer among others, by the way in that exchange back in February. A Boston police officer was also shot and wounded a double down in the city of Chicago police are doubling the ninety day unpaid suspension for police officer who shot and wounded an unarmed autistic eighteen year old sergeant Khalil Mohammed says he thought the victim was reaching for a weapon. He wasn't. WBZ TV's terror Molina with those two shots questioned for nearly two years. Now, they hit eighteen year old Ricardo Hayes who has developmental disabilities in the arm and chest and the man who shot him Chicago. Police sergeant Khalil Muhammad. He told investigators he was off duty and wearing civilian clothes when he saw a suspicious, man. Hayes near his neighbors car Muhammed still on the job, but facing a federal lawsuit and the Salem New Hampshire. Police department is under investigation this morning. The office confirms they're now looking into whether former police chief Paul Donovan committed crimes while leading his force. The larger pro began last year when an audit uncovered a pattern of mishandled investigations in order to protect certain police officers Donovan retired early. Guess what? He's now running for the board of selectmen five thirty nine. We've got sports in just a minute here with Adam Kaufman on. WBZ twenty four seven three sixty five you're up and Adam every day..

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