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Continue with one oh six one F. M. talk police are looking for the suspect in a deadly attack outside a grocery store in Winston Salem the real brayboy with stand to death in the parking lot of the food line on new water town road yesterday afternoon come say his girlfriend and two young children were with him at the time but they weren't hurt again brayboy died from his injuries a three month old girl has died investigators say the child's death is the result of her father thirty year old Brandon dean Patton who physically abused her fox eight TV in Raleigh reported deputies responded to a three month old reported unconscious and not breathing at a Davidson county home the MS brought the girl to a hospital where she later died Patton was arrested and charged with the murder north Carolina's director prisons is retiring Kenneth Lasseter announced Wednesday that he will retire at the end of September the fifty one year old Lassiter has been director presents for more than two years he served in the prison system for thirty years starting as a correctional officer and arrested or North Carolina university Richard selling has more on that story North Carolina police say they've arrested a university student who planned the shooting nineteen year old Paul Stieber was arrested in his dorm at high point university on Tuesday police say they found two guns and ammunition Steve breast charged with two felony counts of having weapons on campus and a felony count of communicating a threat of mass violence on campus court documents revealed yesterday that Stieber admitted to having a plan and timeline to carry out a shooting at high point police say there's no indication.

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