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If in fact he he is compelled to be deposed that's exactly what happened to bill clinton with jennifer flowers when bill clinton lied it didn't matter honestly to the nation when he he would you know not tell the truth about monica lewinsky but when they proved he purged himself under deposition on the flowers case jennifer flowers bright us perjury like any other citizen that would commit perjury could go to jail well he got impeached so there is the heartburn for the president if it comes down to where the president's deposed does the president go in and give his version and can that be disproven in clinton's case it was disproven because of evidence which was address in this case does she have photos you know that's there's the scenario that's quite fascinating really will history repeat itself yeah and i'm glad you explained it to everybody listening because that's it this whole defamation thing that is so big and what can happen specifically because who knows we don't know whatever the legal system the jurisprudence decides that's what that's what could happen to them and you know having been there for the impeachment personally which i was in the house i can tell you that you know if the president had not purged himself there is absolutely no way that the house could have impeached him i don't care if you know if he lied but the fact that he went under oath was that you know perjury fact and then he had to of course eventually admit monica lewinsky because the evidence on the other case so it's it's very interesting now the stormy daniels thing it's time i don't think you know unless mrs trump reacts in a bad way i don't think is the end of the world for the president it's all a legal matter does he get deposed or not and is he telling the truth or not right exactly i so we moved from from that huge story because for sixty minutes is twenty million people were watching it they wanted to hear it we move from that to then this story that might have kind of gone under the wire and there's kind of a little pun there apart in that but president trump's commerce department said monday that the twenty twenty cents is going to include a question on citizenship even though there's been a lot of objections that's not.

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