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And I think that when we are not intentional, we fall back into patterns of communication that may be not have served us well in the past, but certainly are the patterns of communication in which we have been taught we're supposed to be in when we are looking for a specific type of situation. So I think it's both them, they didn't know how to pivot and they didn't know how to say it to the other and whether or not the other would be receptive to the pivot that they were wanting to make. Yeah, I mean, because clearly, you know, isa was ready to invite, you know, more than just a friendship when she asked him to spend the night, but there had been no communication. So we see him come over expecting kind of just show up as in the front space. And she is, you know, of course, now open some more. Now, I do think though it is also important to think about given how we saw Nathan behave before with just the ghosting, I would imagine that him being gone that next morning woke that back up for Issa. Like, oh God, here we go again. But I'm wondering, you know, how could Nathan have supported Issa from a friendship angle when she clearly was upset that night?.

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