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And let's get the business lunch numbers. Currently the S and P five hundred up a half of a percent up thirteen point eight two. And then the NASDAQ down six tenths of a percent. Dow industrial average up a half of a percent. Chicago chicagoblackhawks talking about all morning, the fired coach Joel Quenneville and fans are shocked. It is a loss. He brought how how many Stanley Cups three while. Indeed. Coach q led the Blackhawks to Stanley Cup victories in two thousand ten twenty thirteen twenty fifteen election day turnout is expected to far surpass that fifty percent that we would normally see during a midterm election from registered voters here in Chicago. We're learning who is showing up to vote here in from the board of elections chair Marisol Hernandez. We're seeing a lot of younger people who previously didn't vote come out and register and vote and we're seeing an increase in the number of women voters early voting has already shattered a number of records. Well, we won't see the president or vice president voting today. ABC's Andy Field says like millions of Americans. They've already voted president vice president and their wives are not out in the rain voting because they use absentee ballots. Well ahead of election day, the vice president and Karen Pence visiting wounded veterans at nearby. Walter. Read hospital while President Trump is spending the day at the White House making calls than watching the returns at home with friends and family and on the international front regarding the elections here. Russian sporran minister Sergei Lavrov says he hopes the outcome of the midterm election will ease domestic tensions in the United States and enable Washington to focus global issues. He also reiterated Moscow's position that it is not meddling in the US elections a major shakeup in one of the Olympics. Most popular sports the US Olympic Committee. Moving to shut down ABC, Sherry Preston has more gymnast Simone biles just became the four time world champion, and she is expected to compete in the twenty twenty games. But she and her teammates will not be doing it under the banner of USA gymnastics. This is a very big deal. ABC news contributor Christine. Brennan says he was Olympic Committee is shutting down the organization that oversees U S gymnastics in the aftermath of the Larry Nassar scandal. As to the Tokyo game, there's going to be some uncertainty and upheaval. But I do think the athletes will move forward. Just as they have. They have been remarkable. Finally, she says, it appears the athletes have been heard Cheri Preston. ABC news blue line train. Stop running between Racine and Pulaski for almost an hour this morning after a train hit a man officials say the thirty year old male was removed from underneath a train and taken a hospital in critical condition. It was not immediately clear how the man came into the path of that train and the thirtieth annual Chicago Bears coat drive starts today. New and gently used coats can be donated at one hundred eighty seven participating Chicagoland jewel Osco locations through February first all coats will benefit the Salvation Army your money, sports, traffic and weather next on WGN up to.

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