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Welcome Gene Q.. Review you where. We reviewed the best TV and film the world has to offer and sometimes some other stuff too the one and we back Jinchi Review. It's going on grant much win was going with you. You know two do things one right off the Bat Not Feeling the greatest you know I got I got sniffles. Go will headache do I. Ah Yes the California you can. It was actually raining today so I think that's why it was the first bad day. So I I was I was impacted ally your immune system's GonNa be shit that's right it affect coming back to to the cold. Are you just going to be sick. The Talk Paulie might just die soon as I step off the plane So that that's pretty common for people live in L. A.. Little rip off the playing latest. They just they keel over right so I took some pills and hopefully on. I feel better tomorrow but yeah that's me today and and second thing is I got a new computer. I know our last videos on instagram. They weren't they didn't come out right. I think I mean my display something rendering. I don't even think I can record anything high quality on my old computer so but now you're balling out balling out another Mac book pro except where you go. I had a big problem no now already promise. I got the computer brand new and I'm like messing around with it playing with it setting everything up thing. I'm watching Youtube video and the ban. Dan Screen goes black shuts off no way. Yeah the first day first day and I'm like this when what I can lemon some thinking I don't I don't know what to do okay. I turned it like back on on and I think I plugged it into because it wasn't sure really what the problem was and and didn't it didn't really come back again and then I'm using it the next day Eh. Bam happens again Mike Day lag squeezes it just shuts off and does the track pad stop pressing in. You know what I'm saying. I didn't I didn't check that I know what you mean. The haptic feedback and stuff that but eventually figure out. Now that it's turning off at a certain battery percentage took me forever to figure this out. I was like I don't know what's going on. I can't I don't know just not like super sent. Battery percentage like six percent and then without fail in sixty percent and it just shuts off. I can't live with this common functionality. No not at all and I went through the whole nine yards and I was going to set up a genius bar appointment and all this bullshit then. Thanks to the Internet found found out. I guess a ton of people have had this problem. where I guess batch of these computers got sent out from the factory and once it hurts hit a certain battery percentage shit which is shut off so I had to? The solution was updating. My operating system system necessarily want to do yet it was like I want to keep it. Keep it good. He had an upgrade to Catalina. I didn't have to I was going to do that. And then I figured out there was a separate patch made that. I think this might have been the reason why So I updated that and that that seemed to fix it but reading those horror stories online made me feel a little better because there were people that had this problem went through the whole the process of returning the computer getting a new computer in the same things on the same problem happened because there was a period of time the twenty nine model though. It's the twenty nineteen model and there was a period of time before this patch was out where it just happened to. Whoever it affected nothing you can do about it right? Luckily yeah I got my computer a while after that so yeah. Everything's good so far. Yeah that's good by granting going on not really I've been traveling for work. Hopefully the audios. Okay we'll yeah we'll figure Zumtobel audio-video Hotel Internet sprint. So so hot. Spot was not an option because the coverage but the first yeah. I've been traveling in the first time I came here only gonNA come here for a day And the airline airline lost my bag just completely. Yeah Did back eventually but like I had all my dress clothes. I had a client meeting the next day it was like a pain in the ASS I still have too expensive. My company expense the clothes that that I bought that day that night but like I Delta also offered to expand some so I might as well do the double or just like a voucher culture for the The clothes they specifically but you explain releasing to them the they like went down. They basically what happened is like I get on the plane and the guy in front of me stopping. They're like we're out of care. You know overhead space. You gotta get. They're gonNA have to check your bag on the guy. The guy had me was like yeah not happy and I was letting whatever and they're like what what's what's your seat and I'm like a little weary right I'm like okay my seat twenty-three whatever cool there's a little weary but before we even took off I got a notification on on my phone from Delta that said your bag has been chet it is on on the plane and ready to go. I was like all right. My worries are Kwame qualm delayed. Everything's good And then it said it arrived Hassi. Everything was good and I get there. I was like it didn't bags not there. I'm talking to the guy he's like. Oh where's your bag blah blah blah. And finally he's like Oh. This is your bag. I'm like no. That's not my bag. He's like grant perform this your bag. I'm like dude. It's not mustache like you're taking it. So they tag the Guy Yeah they take the guy in front of me. He has my bag and when I ended up getting a bag back it was funny because the lady was like. Oh you were so chill. Oh you were understanding but the other guy when he got your bag apparently he was freaking yelling at them. Picked up the bag. You never you never got to see what was in inside his bag right. I do not look inside his bag. I mean yeah like you're at the airport support you wouldn't just having to take. This bag is hostage until I get my bag. No 'cause the obviously sent back pretty quickly. Well they couldn't even send it back until my was found all right. 'cause they don't yeah. Why are they need? They need my bag to be reported as the Ron bag before they know who they mixed up so now I'm doing only check in instead of carry on. I'm going to buy new bag also not big enough checking it. No no because I check in working in checking if you just do not on the spot fine as fuck fuck. You don't want to run out of space again in the not too. Have you just got to you. Got To bump up those those miles than you'll get like boarding group one and two inches lies so you're a veteran and just get on the plane that works irks it'll work. I ain't doing the walk of shame. You know you're looking for your bag. It's going around with all the bags are going around the thing. I don't see it on. They signed without taking a break. You too yes. It happened once during the regular regular process. Going to Shanghai and so do not. Yeah it was just I mean they it was it was the next day they think they just. I don't know it just didn't get on that plane or something mid eighty billion suitcases because there was a whole group of people. Aw they didn't have any bags like will will deliver it to your address. We're supposed to put all the people's bags on the blame. We only put half. Yeah they might just say like Oh shit we have. We gotta make a decision we either get like the the gold members bags on nor we gotta get rid of these like fifteen other bags and they're like real forgot him but yeah whatever. Are we talking about today. Grant Where are we talking about? We are reviewing a me. Pull a South Korean. Yup It's a South Korean. Twenty sixteen supernational supernatural psychological mystery horror film film named Named the whaling. Yeah sorry nope the whaling we get an and in honor of spooky season and now by the time this comes out it'll be getting in Turkey season so we're working on a mm-hmm solidifying our processes we It's a work in progress. But would you think grant would Didn't did it. We're expectations going in or no ex- very the air but man They don't mess around from the start from the get-go do the first four or five inches flew by like it was a very enthralling throng movie. His great I was never bored. I was always on the edge of my seat. I think they're in in in terms of entertainment value. Sorry you go in. Terms of the entertainment value is very entertaining. Agree straight it. It was very entertaining. It was a good film and I'm always weary of wary of horror films because I think as a kid I just didn't really like jumps gears. Like shit was just jump scares like get out. You're not you're yeah why I think I think like a solid Entertaining horror film. That's not you're not just like screaming at the screen like. Hey don't do that like that's so stupid then like this was a legitimate just creepy.

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