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Are you doing great to see you ladies? Thank you, really. So today, we're gonna talk a little bit about the rates. We're gonna talk about something. I think that's phenomenal going on. And you're an expert on it. Becky. Land and rule American. How people are wanting to move out of the city as they get closer to retirement things of that nature. See it happen. A lot of a lot of people call me, and they want to get out of the city limits. A little bit to have a little bit more room to roam. And when it comes to buy land or residence with a land, you really need to have someone who knows about buying land. And all of the flood plains, deed, restrictions encroachments. So on a big fan. Of and I've had them on my show over the years. D R Horton, right? Yes. D R Horton goes in and they buy a plot of land. And then they subdivide build the streets build the property if you as a real estate agent, we'll talk about the real estate agents perspective. I, but is it any different selling a DR Horton home versus a three two bedroom. That's on twenty acres north and dim. Yes. It's completely different. Because you're big builders have to go in they buy big parcel of land. They have to get it and approved Platt with the county with plotting to subdivide that piece of property, though, even an individual that has let's say fifty acres that wants to subdivided. He's still has to go through the planning process and get an approved with the county and the J got it got it. So why would somebody move from? I mean, I know. No, this is maybe this is the riddle section of the show. Why would somebody moved from the city on north when you talk about Roman? I got a couple of my friends that.

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