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On the radio J. G. and Lee M. microphones we are married with microphones and that means that we get to talk about our relationship on the radio so once a week if you haven't heard it yet we do the collation ship report card where we actually give each other letter grades on how we did a spouse's for the previous week and it's been kind of a long week it really has been a long week so your dad showed up and show up like you know all about he came and lift are empty nester issue right now but yeah yeah and then my ex husband's came down he's having some issues in his marriage so say a prayer and is staying with my daughter he drove his daughter all away from Dallas to where we are here in the southeast yes about a twelve twelve and thirteen hour drive someone that it's just kinda showed up because she knew he was coming but it was kinda like within a twelve hour Hey are you okay with company Hey I'm on my way yeah yeah and this is why my dad was here too so yes so then we had everybody at the house on Saturday because I still get to see my granddaughter a and my daughter had my dad your ex husband our daughter or granddaughter and us all here on Saturday yeah it was great is a lot of fun I think your dad fell asleep on the back porch it look like weekend at Bernie's we weren't sure if he was still very them sleep on the back porch catch so so what is my grade for allowing all that to take place as well fire this week I think you get a D. okay and you get a deterrent he said because we had to host my dad provide marriage counseling to your ex husband Israel out balance our daughter and granddaughter being here as well all on the same day yeah and this was really our first weekend of being officially have the masters was good I mean you can't make this stuff up and so you could it be because we go to the grocery store and again for empty nesters now so we're doing even more things together that's right so we go to the grocery store and I forgot something so I ran to the other end of the store and I said you go ahead and start putting the stuff up on the conveyor belt and all that good stuff which I checked out your right and so I come back and I see that the cashier who's a little bit older and she's just a sweet lady is looking at you and looking at the grocery silicon in looking at the groceries and I show up and she's right up has been did pretty good he had a list I was thinking man you did some good grocery shop shopper in the world like you can do this.

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