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The way i walk is i stride with one foot directly. Okay but get outta here. He's making a face gary. I stride with one foot directly in front of the other okay. I don't walk like a female model. But i walk. I don't do the duck. I don't play one one foot out to one side. I do is close to defeat feet being parallel is. You've got to make the feet parallel when you walk. That's that's first and foremost the next thing you want is the way you swing your arms so as you walk with the feet parallel to each other. They must be parallel. There can be no splaying out then you have to shift your shoulders back and forth so if the right foot if the left foot is ahead. You're turning the shoulders to the right when the right foot ahead. You're turning the shoulders to the left. Okay and as you turn the shoulders to the left. That left arm needs to be swinging back the right foot out front. The feet need to be parallel. What it looks like. I don't know dude. this is not for you. this is for women chris. I don't mean to frustrate you i just. I was told that i would be able to do the show myself you can. If you want me to leave leave about me but take a hike okay. We'll thank you very much so you move your feet parallel now. I do have an allergy especially to florida. So i may and that's why i stay out of florida. That's why mostly in california because a lot of the pollens may the weeds and like right. Now i'm having a hard time breathing and the marine life in florida. I'm allergic to like this frogs. Here you would never think frog. But and i say the frog not frog frog just the entire frog. Excuse me the entire frog species so I don't know if this didn't come in with a frog. I'm just joking around. But i'm having a hard time breathing and it may be all that's the thing know. There are lizards chris. Yeah there's three lizards here. Maybe that's why i'm well. We'll be getting in the car driving and there's a snake to okay. That's what's going down. That's what's going down. I am allergic to the reptilian. Which is my way of saying reptile. I say reptilian. Because i believe it's an entire sort of planet and in The nude breed we refer to screw tila which is the scrotum and So i think it's probably 'cause i call it reptilian so anyway as i was saying what i walk i walk with both feet. Parallel swinging the left shoulder back with the right foot. Forward the right shoulder back in the lifted forward and women find that gate very attractive and they find it strong and attractive. What else to say man you know a lot of guys ago. Go you look yeah. That's frog reptile allergy. I've got but a lot of guys will say you walk like you've got one wedged and i'll say to them. You know what man. You're just jealous of the fact. God's pills you're pulling your. I mean never mind. Don't talk about my girlfriend. I was noticing. She's got a nice never No i can do it in the store so When i walk. And i get a lot of guys say you're walking. You have one wedged. And i'll say to them. Are you jealous much dude. Because that's what is behind. You critiquing my walk now. We're gonna continue this in the automobile as we head out tonight where we go. And if you don't mind me asking we're going to go to the quarter deck. Okay we're gonna go the court dick. I knew he do that street. What i told you the split the quarter deck. Okay because i wanna make that clear a lot of guys that i know a lot of guys who listen to your show who are friends of mine. They'll go. Oh what do you go to the quarterdeck last night. And i'll go hockey. You know you you ain't referring to me. I know that not only do..

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