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A labor dispute has been heating up at tesla's car assembly plant in fremont where workers have been trying to form a union here to talk about it is illicit john perry who's been covering this for kqed so elissa at least some workers at tesla one organiz and they say the company's been making it difficult now the federal government's gotten involved yeah the national labor relations board are the nlrb is a government agency that supposed to protect workers rates to unionize and even see recently found near it to the workers claims that tesla has been trying to intimidate then so the nlrb issued a complaint against the carmaker in the complain tarasov allegations that employees were stopped from passing out pamphlets and flyers promoting the union and were told to leave the premises another claim is that a supervisor in a meeting said tesla wood fire any employees who passed out leaflets stickers and fires that were authorized by the company you know if all of this found out to be true that would break federal law and tesla is supposed to respond to these claims some time this week have you spoke into the company yeah have a tesla spokesperson told kqed that these claims are pretty much baseless then the company blamed the united auto workers union four forcing employees to union is now here's what's interesting to me the nlrb actually highlighted nondisclosure agreements as one of the issues that keeping workers from forming the union because at a lot of tech companies people are required to sign these nondisclosure agreements right indy is our common in tech companies and in the beginning it's because a lot of them are working on cutting edge technologies so they don't want and pleased to share or steal their ideas but we've been seeing that some tech companies are saying to use these india's tests squash complaints about the workplace for example there have been reports that women who complain about sexual harassment lowerplaced we're told they couldn't talk about it publicly because these signs in nda now at tesla the nlrb says the nda that tesla employees have to sign doesn't allow workers to talk about the nature of their work or work conditions at the plant so if you can't talk about your work in dish and then you can make.

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