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Give you a quick rundown for the and this is. This is puerto on top of the season. The good stuff. We finish dr great result fantastic result. We didn't drop any games that we shouldn't have dropped so other teams in Games teams that were well below him on the letta all. They drew with teams that were sort of ran a lettuce we. We won the games that we're going to win and maybe we should have won some about. We didn't lose to retain assad the or anything like that so we won those games that we had lay on mobile. We saw well. That's how he sort of finished. We won the ganz. We had a young players. We had drew step up this year. We had malls must have bought this year. Spain fest fantastic. Raleigh bone was really good towards the back into the season And the recruiting of elite was mass destruction for all intensive purposes. Other than said. i not wear normally. It's being it's being the good part of the season that we've done really well. The bad the slowest dots. It has absolutely dogged. Kim hinckley's career from day one Dots in first qualified. That's where if we're going to lose has gone be in the first quarter the injuries that the fact that we had a lot of yours through the season. That has pliers really. And it's the blow ed's pissed when paul lose-lose heavily clocked rarely lose. Just lock by kickoff something like that. They're gonna get blown out and that happened a few times this season. So bad The big question is what's the future look like Conversations are ankeny pips. And i don't know where a seat right now about kenny and feeling towards him. Always been kenny arch. But if you tell anyone that you're gonna fire coaches go you into a prelude final two years in roy. You'd said that's madness on the service of you'd love to be a flaw the wall to see what the pump up before the guy would have been cash kenneth. Your ikeda apply can.

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