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Well, acquisition and operation of the regional networks, plus MLB strategies. The move comes on the heels of Disney acquiring twenty two regional sports networks as part of its seventy one billion dollar purchase of twenty first century. Fox's entertainment business last month. The Justice department said last June that Disney had to sell the networks as a condition of the deal baseball was granted an antitrust exemption in nineteen twenty two by the supreme court which ruled the sport was not interstate commerce. Congress passed a limited cut out that was signed into law in nineteen ninety making the employment of major league players subject to antitrust law. The newly pictured supermassive black hole doesn't have an official name yet. And what happens next could be cosmic Lee. Confusing. The team of astronomers who created the image of the black hole called 'em eighty seven, but the international group in charge of handing out astronomical names has never named a black hole. The international astronaut, Michael union usually takes care of names. But only four stuff inside our solar system ams stars outside it the last time. There was a similar situation. Poor Pluto somehow got demoted to a dwarf planet leading to public outcry. Us. Lila, m- ruling successfully appealed, I'm Jacky Quin within AP news minute. The Trump administration for now can resume sending asylum seekers back into Mexico, while their cases are heard a federal court overruled a judge's injunction. I it was a consumer warning. Now, there's a recall on the Fisher Price rock and play sleeper. Our Ed Donahue reports the company says more than thirty babies rolled over in them and died since the product was introduced in two thousand nine reporter surrounding former school administrators swept up in the college admissions scandal. Mark Redel pleaded guilty to taking bribes to sit in for wealthy students during college entrance exams a five way tie for the lead after thirty six holes at the masters in Augusta..

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