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Then I went to Ford Vista, Ford out here and Guess what? They only had two brand-new Ford Mustangs. And guess what? Colors White. I've been driving around in a white Mustang for the last five years. Before that I had a white freaking Toyota Corolla that I gave to my daughter. I don't want another white car. Then I went back to Chevrolet to buy a Camaro. They didn't have any available. See it turns out. My peeps is there was a fire and the chip factory that makes chips for cars and also chipped for gaming for the game consoles and they apparently don't have any new inventory. Then I went to Toyota. I said, you know what, I'll get another Corolla, I don't care, I love karone noticed. They're Dependable they hold up in value. And couldn't even find one now. And so I am still Carlos. So now let me Call Richard. Ojeda. I don't know how he could screw up the time. Shorty one John Hardy me be your own version of Ronnie, I'll drive you around. Baba Booey. That's That is the truth. That's what's going on right now. And no, he de is unavailable. I don't know where he is, I really don't know. I don't know where the Army Major is. Voice mailbox that has not been setup yet. Well, Well he is late. I don't know why I reached out to a number of people on RuPaul. Couldn't do it. Justin Horowitz from really American couldn't do it Greg Olio couldn't do it. Zev shalev couldn't do it and so we're just going to go solo here. I can't I can't keep on waiting for the Army Major here. So we have some good news. First of all, let's applaud Joe Biden. Joe Biden is honoring the survivors of Tulsa. Now as you know, Tulsa was the race Massacre and Joe Biden becomes the first u.s. president to commemorate Tulsa Race Massacre. Now I ask you people how how.

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