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A classic berger drew you looking for interesting variations or just the the most basic way to make them um it depends on the dish like we'll have multiple variations of potato salad for example or multiple variations of pulse law and one of my favorites on calls law is a mexican calls slimy i love the main eighth version as much as anybody but the mexican version has salon perot and hall opinion while lime juice and i love that variation and then burgers change from cut part of the country i only have one burger and as i mentioned a originally had no burger on by talk about that in the in the introduction that you can top it with you door divide elia onion or vermont cheddar or publicly no peppers them in there there's it's kind of a pilot for wherever you are all those become produce standardised when you have a three or four major chains that have pretty much making the same thing well that is the main narrative about american food would that there's a lot of standardisation and harmonisation and i'm here to say that's that's not the story there's a lot of spectacular regionalism with alive and well so after all this research how has it affect your own cook have you change as a result of putting this book together i have um uh i have eaten things that i would never have tried before i also have eaten just because i was on deadline i eat a lot of things in unusual combination like i would have a hawaiian dish and then corn pudding and then on adama brad from massachusetts than it was just you know kind of a big mess mice which was a lot of fun but most of all i think i just needs to go on a big cleanse after four king admits book and um maybe it is it's an celery for awhile have you picked up any technique she had used before um so many i mean eight hundred and fifty of them in.

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