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So just sending her all the best sending also good vibes to the entire Braxton family, the niece of Toni Braxton and her sisters this. Twenty four year olds named Lauren. Braxton passed away of heart issues. Nothing Il, no shadiness, no drugs or murder or anything really truly like that and taymor Braxton Toni Braxton sister, she's also a singer. And she's a reality TV star tame are publicly said, and it may have happened already. The niece was having her burial her funeral. And tame our said that she did not want to go. She didn't have time for it. She claimed that nobody in her family had ever died before she's in her forties. And she says this is the first death in her family, and she did not want to go to the funeral for a variety of reasons. And a lot of people came down really hard on her saying, she's selfish and calling her awful names, the person's dead. It's not like the person's going to give a damn if you're there or not, well, I could understand I don't agree with them calling her selfish. But I do understand. And why some people feel that in some people said that because it's not about the person who died it's about all of the family. That's behind. It's about the niece's. Parents. It's about all the other family. That's grieving and some people find it healing to be comforted by loved ones, and to be around others that you know, and care about that are going through the same thing. I think everybody grieves differently, and if she doesn't want to attend if this will make if it'll if it will be traumatic for her. Why should she be forced to go? If it would not be healthy for her mental health. Why why why do they care if she's there or not, you know, there's a large family? There's a ton of Braxton's. I think it's absolutely stupid for to comment on how someone chooses to mourn. I think the person is quite capable of deciding how they want to mourn if they want to go to a funeral go to the funeral. If you don't think you can take it don't go to the funeral. It's none of our business. So people should pipe down. As my opinion. Well, there's tons more drama to get to. But at least in your is. This person is a real celebrity Constance Wu from fresh off the boat. I love that show too. She was trending over the weekend. And I'll explain why. And we'll get into the story coming up in just a minute. But as I mentioned at the start of today's podcast, I'm focused on losing weight for the summer. And I think a lot of people are and let me tell you something. My friends you could have up to twenty five pounds of toxic junk from fried and processed foods and pollutants. You're taking in that you shouldn't our friends at deer ABS dot com are making it easier than ever to look better feel better..

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