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Love Shriners dot or g'kar. Homo traffic from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Collusions effect on state route to nine heading South bound South home ish. This is in the area of 170 could street if you tell the collision investigation still taking up the rights, Elaine in the right shoulder there, cousin a little bit of hesitation. Meanwhile, we have an excellent in Seattle, south bound 99 year Alaskan way, taking up the right lane as well, a little bit hesitation that's in the area of Dearborn Street to beam or exact and on Snoqualmie Pass. The eastbound direction is closed right now. Westbound traction tires required. Fresh tires advised on Stevens Pass and white Pass direction. Tires required heading south down on blood. Well advised to the North Mountain. Our next report is a sudden 54. I'm Evan Smith. Come on Traffic. Your co Moh forecast. Good evening. Ryan Harris with your co Moh forecast are Syriza's storms continues, bringing lots of rain and some 30 to 40 mile per hour winds with gusts in the northwest interior part of our state highs around 50 lows mid forties in the lowlands with more snow in the passes until the weekend when it warms slightly and turns to mountain rain. That's the latest from the coma forecast teeth. This'd Brad Keselowski driver number two discount tire Ford Mustang Racing fans know that a quick pit stop to check the tires can give me the winning edge. The same is true for your car. Proper tire Tread helped keep traction on the road in everyday driving to check your tread..

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