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Reed from Bob Dylan's thirty night album, rough and rowdy ways all right, Greg. I almost feel like we have two separate conversations to have here. We have to talk about murder most foul, and interestingly enough on the physical release of this it has its own disk while the rest of rough rowdy ways is on a different disk, so it's almost as if Dylan in releasing that before. We knew there was going to be an album. It's almost as if he's saying. It stands apart, and it really does in some ways because to popular readings of it number one death of. Of American innocence. You know all that Oliver Stone stuff. America's never recovered from JFK. The more cynical reading some people contend that Dylan is saying that the baby boom generation failed in that they were easily distracted by all of this pop culture. Joy Everything from the Beatles to you know. He name drops Queen and Fleetwood, Mac. Those are not names that should come out of Dylan's mouth easily. Yeah, Okay Jimmy Reed, and Carl Wilson, but still in doing talking about the eagles. It's a mystery that track. It's rather inscrutable. There's no melody. There's a long drone. There's lot of Bob. and. Then there's the rest of this record man. We just played goodbye Jimmy read that's Parini Great? Even better crossing the Rubicon. Filed the Roosevelt! To. Other be John. birt..

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