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So the whole the ER thing really gave you like a whole sort of toolbox of chops in confidence. Yes. In one way. There's a way of working in television, when it's procedural that is like, you know, you you learn how. To like do get done everything. Right. Right. And you for me, that's, but it also helped me to learn to like really listen to other people in a in a different way. Because that's what keeps it interesting for you as the people bringing in have to offer you so when we'd get like Stanley Tucci or forest Whittaker any of these people who came in to play their roles. It added a different dynamic, and you able to I don't know help me it honed. His the listening skill for me. And I it's changing the performance and best implored, my, I know and then but everything's different like that doing that shows a hundred times different than doing bloodline, totally different. Sure, it's a series so by, but, but for you personally as a person who can do what you do every experience adds to, you know, the confidence in to the ability like, you don't show up places anymore where you're like what the fuck happening. No. I do. Absolutely absolutely under percent. I definitely shop. And I also feel like what I do. And then the next day. I was like what am I doing? But that's good. You know, I feel like once you get to convinced of what you're doing. You might be not discovering enough joy do a madman. Yes. It was kinda interesting universal. Yes. Yes. And there's a very, you know, it's like what was I didn't join the show not knowing what the show was. I knew show us like the show. So be part of it was fun. And then you have the ability to trust what's happening there. You know, when you do new show, you're sort of like trying to feel out like how it's gonna work or what it's going to be is this. I know what they're doing this. Sometimes. But and you and you can do it seems like he can do anything you can do comedy. You can you know, you're you're good foil. You can do drama. You can do everything. Thank you. And they still everybody's still puts you in the funny movies. You're in big funny movies, and they also in kids movies. Yeah. Dude, you do everything. What is this thing that is at the end of the resume here. What's this Al Capone movie? Oh that judicial right now called dead to me. That's a drama thirty. Okay. Let's Christina Applegate. Oh, actually doing. She's great. Great. Good. Good and vet on not yet. No. We just we finished shooting on next week. We have three more days. How many did you do ten? I finished last night at four AM. Roese? But that's a that's been really fun. So and then the alcohol movie, it is funds though is Tom hardy plays alka poems. Crazy working with Tom hardy, man what the fuck. That's that's like a well of like what the hell's going on there? Him with him, which is no with him. Like, he. So like such an odd actor so good. Yeah. I can't. You play his wife. Yes. I play makeup on. And it's about in this director's Josh trank. And he wrote it directed it. And he'll cut it all together. It'd be totally his vision. And he's got like a really specific really cool vision. It's about alka Ponant his last years and the and his syphilis dementia wild. Yeah. When you do movies where I and you've done so many of them. I mean, I don't know if it's about that. But that's the period. That's what it is fenced the time in house life. Yeah. But when you do movies like that when you when you read a script, isn't sort of like mind blowing like who commit to this store? Why this story? It's just amazing to me that people choose what they choose. Whole thing vision. Yeah. Do you ever think about writing or doing this? Right. I write with a partner, and he and I sold to things that never got made. But we went down the road. Sure. And I was hesitate to say that because as you say, you're a writer because everybody's like all right?.

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