Baltimore, Democrat Establishment, President Trump discussed on The Pat McDonough Radio Show


It now charles murray who was a speaker at middlebury college recently was shut down and not allowed to speak by mob violence this is on a college campus uh allison strangler one of the professors at the college tried to help mr murray to exit the college and he was physically attacked while trying to escort professor murray and had to be hospitalized i mean and what's amazing about all this is the democrat party which has now become captive of the radical left through bernie sanders and others and even beyond bernie sanders in some cases bernie sanders seems to be mild compared to the rest of the radical left like our tifa but they have captured the democrat party and tom perez who is now the chairman of the democrat party and a socalled product of the democrat establishment of hillary and obama well they are all still members of the left which has become extreme and violent and the fact of the matter is that black lives matter and impeach president trump are the mainstream shouts and demands of the all left and tom perez and the the democrat establishment support these positions to show you how radical left and the attack on free speech has become we're going to take a break we'll be right back with more on shut up or speak up the attack on america and free speech this summer seer at it's time to enjoy marilyn's favorite pastime steam kratzer back for the summer at the river walked restaurant and marina the river watch located on the water at middle river and just twenty minutes for baltimore you will find a better place to eat large crowds while looking over the waterfront enjoying of few whole beef sit back enjoy the relaxing water front view on the river watches covered day four open patio river watch also serve the venue from light fair to seafood and stakes great food entrees run every day with happy hour appetizers and drink specials fivedollar fresh squeezed orange crushes served.

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