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Confined Mohr sports that access Wdun, right? Can't appreciate the update. We're seven minutes in front of eight o'clock, speaking of an update, We need to get an update now on how things are going. An open enrollment. Yes, it is that time and the insurance source is the places we check in with. Robin Templeton. Martin Robin. Welcome aboard. Give one of Mr Bill how you doing? I'm great, Good to have you as a neighbor because you always bring such good news and a positive attitude, and I'll tell you this is the time folks or finding out that they can actually save some money on. I know that that gets their attention. It makes everybody smile. And that's one of the first comments. I always get attention with David. Even if it's a penny penny tension was growing. I like seven people money. It's a good thing for them to come. Sit. I'm going to go over their policies. Medicare supplement plans if you've had them for years. Those were standardised. Those are identical with every company. It's just the price in the company name that you're buying back in. Shop it out for us has been here for five years. We'll take a look at it. I think I remember that it was almost $800 a year in savings while getting a new Medicare supplement land that is amazing. Yeah, and that just points of the thing When was sometimes when we do these things? We think it's a one time decision. It is not because there are things that change in our life, things that change in our health and our financial situation, and it's always a good idea to go back and just double check to see there's a better way. It is a in the year and I felt that I must. Everybody asked to. You're different than I am. You know, this year's over the next year. What we need to look at as we injure against what could happen. What has happened. If you have had a Medicare advantage in. Maybe you want to check out a Medicare supplement Things to keep in mind as long as you could answer those questions in underwriting because they're underwriting on the Medicare supplement plan. After you've hit 65, So save 65 a half, But you're gonna have underwriting, so we've got to answer those questions, so cancer or heart attack stroke. So you're big kicker's interested in that when you look at it now, listen, let's do it because of enrollment ends Win. The number seven end of open enrollment for Medicare advantage plans on Medicare supplement plans I could hear those year round but for Medicare advantage in part VII. These numbers, and that's all we're ever have one of them when you to get it done and bringing in. That's why we're under a month now, so, folks, if you've been thinking about it that stopped thinking and get in touch with the insurance source and let them do the thinking of the figure, and they're going to come out with something you're really going to like, and folks want to get in touch with, you know, that's what you're here for. So let's get him in your direction so you can help some folks. Yes, sir. Give us a call 775321900. You could tell that I actually should get uniforms set up becomes only I come out. You rat on me too. Hey, can I just come by the office? 42 20 to make every road in Oakland, Georgia. There you go helping out. That's what they're doing with the insurance source. They're called that for a good reason. Robert, I'm gonna turn you loose. Let's you get out there and have a great day. Keep the umbrella handy that you're gonna need it. Yes, I appreciate it. Thank you so much for a 7 56 for four minutes away from eight o'clock because we continue in North Georgia's news talk W D win, And as we do so quick check of this year. We just talked a moment ago with Carmen. Our winter there for are a smokehouse, Turkey from Smokehouse Barbecue and Oakland. I asked her about her her favorite side dish. What do you have to have, along with the turkey? Turkey, always the star of the table and Thanksgiving. But what do you have to have is supporting cast and supporting members there of the team? Well, a new study took a look at Google trends. Information. Isn't that where we find out everything these days? We Google it. And they found out that the most popular Thanksgiving dish in every state they determine which one it is. But as Faras one overall for the United States and all the votes men cast in this case, and there are no electoral college votes to worry about, but number one The number one in the most states, and it took 10 states mashed potatoes, the most popular side now being from the south. I am like Carmen, my potatoes. I like mashed potatoes, but might have to be sweet taters, not love. The sweet tater. So awful sweet table souffle is good, but I'll take a big one. For that matter. The candy, yams and commission like that as well. That was that would be my number one but number two on the list, winning eight states of the 50. Came in is stuffing or dressing and I guess for most folks, it's dressing, especially in the south. For me, it was always stuffing because that's what mom always made. It went in the bird and I no, don't get out of me about all the health concerns. We never died from it. If anything, we just got really chunky after eating a lot of it. 7 50.

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