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Six seconds into the shooting two members of the church security team returned fire hitting the gunman dropping to the ground inside the church at least five other parishioners pulled out hand guns close to falling down one man takes away his gun and picks it up the church course and the gunmen were killed and one of those killed in this attack was a church deacon who are just handed out communion that according to a Dallas TV station remembering the horror of the Brookline a clinic shootings a quarter century later twenty five years ago today an anti abortion extremists went on a rampage at two Brookline clinics the man convicted of the killings committed suicide behind bars her father says young environmental activists Greta to Burke time magazine's person of the year is no newcomer to the cause more now from CBS's Vicky Barker's vontade tune Burr telling the baby seat fears for the planet sent his daughter into a deep depression for three or four years before she started her school environment strike she stopped talking she stopped going to school she was basically home free year as she needs to Hoff months which of course was the ultimate nightmare I suppose he says he switched to a vegan diet and his opera singer wife stopped flying not to save the planet he says but to save their daughter though he initially opposed her activism he says he's now more confident she has the resilience to live that life Vicki Barker CBS news London scientists and farmers in northern New England are working on a plan now to feed sea weed today cal's their goal they want to gauge whether altering the animal's diet can potentially help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change about one quarter of the nothing produced in this country comes from cal's some earlier research has shown the potential of C. we feed to cut back on methane a new California law takes effect Wednesday new year's day meant to improve the living conditions for certain farm animals veal calves must be given forty three square feet hands must also be given more space Josh ball with the Humane Society calls barbaric the types of crates being used right now basically forced to live in a call center for roughly four years you know if if this was done to a doctor cab you be arrested for felony cruelty charges the national pork producers council and the American farm bureau federation have filed a legal challenge saying the law will heard small family farms a teenager from middle borough is lucky to be on injured after she was paid inside a sedan that was crushed by a pick up truck and a car wash in Taunton this happened yesterday afternoon I prestige car wash on Cape road according to police the pick up had apparently improperly put the driver side of mad back on the floor after vacuuming at which then because the gas pedal to get stuck when he put the truck in reverse that truck then went backwards at high speed across the parking lot and right into a bay where the sedan was being watched the owner of the sedan was on was able to get out of the way but the teenager was in the backseat when it was hit by the truck luckily neither of them suffered any injuries meanwhile police say the crash was a pure accident and the owner of the pick up truck will not be facing charges knows how long your commute will be tomorrow's weather day wasn't possible there's a place we can news first world easy Boston's news radio the deep little on how the W. was awakened one eighty menu began I had a bunch of my friends that went to it so page came to me and asked me if I wanted to do a menu at the obvious and I see you know page I would love to do a menu with obvious with awakens teachings but I need to go to the program before I do that well every week I lost weight the next week I lost more weight my body fat start to go down and down and down lost over thirty pounds my body fat is it eighteen my visuals at ten so that's why I'm doing and I it really helped me personally and I want to inspire people help people out kind of what I buy we've been doing my whole life and that's why I'm doing this what is hard is doing it on your own because it's a lot of pressure by yourself once you learn what you can do it's not that hard you know once you try something and you do well with it you become a believer right I think you can hear the passion in my voice that I believe in awaken one anyway lost so much and I really think you should do it and I'm telling it will change your life I know it's changed my life six locations or book online at a weekend what any weight loss dot com coming a little early this year to four ninety five Mazda stop.

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