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Bluebird and lunch bucket Joe he is as it is he does these controlled video releases now because he's not well and and it's kind of like living in Francisco Franco's fascist Spain Francisco Franco still in charge and every now and then they released a photograph as he looks well does like Castro's Cuba every now and then the party in conjunction with their media allies will release videotape of Joe Biden where they think he does a good job it will be edited it will be a take number fourteen it will be scripted and and set up like you know the fraud that it is and he came out yesterday and he is talking very probably about the the governors that are doing so because he's holding is counter briefings because he is a member of the resistance I gassed and the guy is the guy is really some he he makes stuff up as he goes along and the news media says that's gosh he's so good he's so smart lunch bucket Joe yesterday the governor of Massachusetts is a guy named Charlie Baker Charlie Baker we can put politics aside and meet the moment my governors all across this nation are doing yeah I like to walk over to Mike to one in Ohio governor Larry Hogan of Maryland governor Charlie Parker in Massachusetts a Charlie Parker mess I love that Charlie Parker and messages this is better than most as talented died decades ago but markers with their Dr Gillespie Lionel Barrymore they're in a wheelchair behind Dr Kildare up onstage doctor bill Joe Biden laid out his approach to the one of our switches to politicize it and to complain as he claims that it's no time to politicize it while he's politicizing it in that very sentence all governor Charlie Parker up there in Massachusetts you just won because of his talent these guys these guys they didn't notice that they're just fine with them they don't know Charlie Parker is anyway I don't I don't know who the current governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker I don't know Charlie Parker I don't know things get by them because they get by them all day long reporters they went to Ivy League schools I wouldn't know how to get home from work without directing them there are a lot of people who don't know how to get to the store without a navigational system raise or use your GPS or something yes using GPS in your car well how do you mean well there are times in this other story pop yesterday.

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