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Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six is the phone number two final four, of course this weekend. And joining us right now from beautiful Minneapolis is good, buddy. John root Stein. The face of college basketball, John, how are you? Great. Great to be with you guys as always good morning. How is the atmosphere Minneapolis right now as we get set for the final four, you know, exciting of and there's a lot of people here that are excited because I think there's a lot of teams here that are not used regularly going to the final four weeks of Michigan state where current for like Auburn and Regina 'cause a lot of excitement a lot of newness here in Minneapolis. And I don't think you have eventually the brand names that a lot of people usually with the final four. But at the same time, there's a lot of excitement here, you know, because there's a new beginning getting ready to start. You don't. I'm sure CVS doesn't love the fact that Texas Tech and Auburn or at the final four, but I think it makes it. I like it actually it makes it a little more attractive certainly for a guy like me to see some new teams in there. John how about that? Well, I don't think there's any doubt about Joan we've talked about storylines for years that alcohol famers can be the add to their legacies and don't want and so forth. But with all that said you have guys right now like like beer Coney Bennett who are playing right now for a chance to get to the national championship game for the first time. So there's a lot of for those guys as well. And I really think when you look at the chemical makeup of what happened that would Jinya less twelve months if they can go from losing the UNBC by twenty points, the first one blues to sixteen potentially winning the national championship. It is one of the great twelve months turnaround in the history of sports talking about from a door at ecstasy perspective, simply because it never happened before the sixteen losing zero one I know that obviously. We've seen other words the first thing happen it's worth over one year span. But when you look at the embarrassment, and the fact that those kids that live with us for a year, and it's not like you see wanna game at the buzzer thanked in the shop crushing. And if not like also remember this that like you and be the best in the America east place that Vermont. So when you really with the atom, I think we're talking about one year turnaround from you know, who are guitar to act. The this could be one of the great ones that Jimmy can game. I think when you look at the storylines going into this weekend that to me is number one because of the story of last year to even trilling Gardner Webb the way they were in the one sixteen matchup to getting here now, but they've had a great regular season. They win thirty plus games for those who've not had a chance to see a lot of Virginia this season. What makes Virginia that good? They don't beat themselves. They're extremely efficient on offense. And they never get that up. Jinya always one the lowest in the country and the temple that. Play up play at. But they also got somebody who I think is really going to come to the actual this weekend. Indiana, Ray hunter that bona fide top in pick in the NBA draft. He's got great size and great length at sick date. You know, he can guard multiple positions for insurance. One of the great defensive player in all the college basketball John over intriguing team to me because of who they beaten. I mean, you know, you talk about the blue bloods, they'd beaten pretty much all of them Kansas North Carolina Kentucky to get to the final four. They're very intriguing story. Their best players out. He's hurt after injuring himself in that great win against North Carolina. So over and has a chance now to slay not a blue blood, but certainly the last number one seed in the twenty minute I'll Auburn right now. Got knitting contrast style Joe because you look at things from an Auburn Virginia perspective one team wants to push the ball on each and every possession. The other team also play at a tortoise pace. And look Auburn was fortunate enough to be Kentucky by only making seven threes that won't work against Jimmy because we're genius hack line defense forces you to go over the top of the defense. You know, one of the things that Duke did exceptionally well when do one in Charlottesville Virginia would make threes early. And that allowed them to get an early lead. Obviously Ed that leaving the window over it's going to have to two things they're going to have to shoot the basketball stuff. And well and on top of that guys. You can't get down early against junior. Twenty one to eight eight minutes into the game was gonna very hard time coming back and get the Monday night. Wave got near. It's been incredible. They barely got Bob by the five twelve matchup against New Mexico state. And then they be Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky three. The biggest names in college basketball. This is really and they lose Okeke in the process. They wouldn't have them in the Kentucky game. How about the road that they've taken to get here? You know, it's one of the great runs that we've seen Evan when he talked about beating Bill self Williams and John Calipari back back back and think about this for a second. If Mexico state is simply make the couple of free throws all out of the tournament in around that that small the Morten forever is. And you know, I think when you look do they picture right now, we've talked obviously a lot about the great hire the last five years Pearl. Auburn have got to be at the top of the lift. It's simply a what he's been able to resurrect this programming in all when people thought about their up five years ago, you thought about Cam Newton now talking about Luke Pearl a Bo Jackson, but that's me. John guy. I'm sorry about that. Because I think Julia usually at schools that make a run in their conference Twitter. I remember seeing hall a few years ago, and what good did it do them? Allburn had that great run in winning their conference. They won four straight games in four days. You think that helped him you think that was a big factor in the run they've gone on here at all, you know, thing you bring that up Evan because some some coaches will believe that you know, losing early in your conference tournament keeps you fresher for the NC double A tournament. Others go with the notion that when you look at things, you know, it's better to have a momentum going to conference ornament. I was worried about Auburn playing Mexico state and around fifty four to playing four games and four days in the FTC tournament. But the no avail they've been absolutely dynamite pick eight and if I'm not mistaken three to four teams in here. One their conference torn right, John. Well, no, I mean Virginia didn't want that back. Second to Texas Tech did not win their conference for him. And okay. Michigan state. Virginia. Okay. Okay. How about this Texas Tech team? How about the run they've gone on beacon Zog, they beat Michigan. They've got an MBA prospect on their team in Culver, tell us about tech. And how they've gotten here. Back to tech has remade their roster twelve months guys who weren't on the lobster a year ago. Matt Mooney three going came in grad transfers and got an unbelievable job at totally buying in that, you know, some greater than the whole part. And you know, you think about what this team was able to do in the big twelve. I mean, a lot of people aren't talking about it now because they went to final four, but they can what they accomplish this year. They win share the big regular TV title. The first fifteen years to do that that wasn't Kansas..

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