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And I are keeping an eye on the PGA for. You too we have to. Talk I mean can't we just watch Justin Tell them what Tigers done already just than just. Pipe that look like. Right down, the middle and we'll see Tiger Woods got back, to back birdies He is now at one under par I'm. Sorry Tigers. To, now because. He's too he's too. Yeah that's right the scoreboard. Hasn't updated. They're both two hundred part. Tiger injustice tiger has backed back birdies it's like an, American Ryder Cup party at the top Gary woodland ten under Kevin Kisner nine under Brooks kept eight under an Dustin Johnson seven-under all all four Americans at the top played in the morning this morning also Charles Schwartz. Elaine Thomas Peters at seven under par the lowest right now on the golf course is. Ricky Fowler who is five hundred par he's even par today through four holes as again still a lot. Of guys, out, on, the golf course it's very very very. Very easy scoring Terry out there today I was actually listening to the golf channel to a radio part of the thing on the way in and they were talking about maybe a sixty. Three out there today at some point And that's. What Brooks kept ahead this morning so maybe. They can be another one out there Tennessee women's basketball coach Holly Warlick who replaced the legendary Pat summitt has received a three. Year contract extension at like director Phil Fulmer. Announced today. That, he extended. Her contract through twenty. Twenty two and dairy skies. Tornadoes for. The Redskins the first one. Of the first top picks of the draft that sports, radio eight forty w. h. citizens Union Bank Bloomberg money news a service of Cattlemen's roadhouse Joan Doniger getting a little bit of a dive today yeah somewhat Terry a.

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