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And weather on the 8s and when it breaks, let's check in with Dave dildine in the WTO traffic setting. On the bellway and Bethesda, traffic is jammed on the outer loop from the two 70 spur past river road in the Clara Barton Parkway into Northern Virginia and that is because of the express lanes extension works on. Most weekdays blocking away near Georgetown pie today, it was the left lane on the outer loop. They're backing up and picking up right now. And about to reopen the lanes a little earlier than usual because of the heavy Thursday traffic on the beltway. And bailout conditions as usual when it gets this bad inbound on the cabin John and Clara Barton parkways and insult to injury, cleaning up a vehicle fire near the cabin John Glen echo park turnaround. Eastbound traffic on the Clare Barton Parkway was stopped for that recovery operation near the ramp that would take you up to Macarthur boulevard and we're getting ready for one way operation outbound on Clara Barton Parkway later in the hour. So no use bailing out on the cabin John and Clare Barton parkways. Now back on the beltway in prince George's county, it's going to be volume delays through land over and land them on 50 westbound before the beltway fire rescue heading for a crash caller found at first, usual spot in the right exit lane for the beltway on 50 westbound eyes out beyond 7 O four. Eastbound, full speed ahead with no impediments through buoy through Annapolis or at the bay bridge. Upper Marlboro southbound three O one very slow toward Marlborough pike. I'm not sure what the cause is there. 95 no delays beltway to beltway Baltimore Washington Parkway volume only gradually building northbound through green belt in Virginia on 95, summer traffic is heavy, slowest, southbound through Stafford county, north bound a couple of slowdowns between woodbridge, newington and Springfield, can't find the new car you're looking for, try a fits way used car next to a new car, a 5th way car is best, visit fits mall dot com for a good car and a safe car you can trust. That's the Fitz way. Dave old

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