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So for a brief period of time, you have effectively sewn your arm or my surgeon has effectively sewn your arm to your face. And then once the graft is taken, then you cut the arm away from it and you've, you've essentially walked as a piece of flesh off of your arm onto your face and then use that to form a new nose, which is kind of brilliant. Honestly, you asked a plastic surgeon at this and they'll be like, this is a great way to try to get the skin to graft onto other skin and then be able to shape it. The only problem here is that for about two weeks, you're walking around with your your hand, stuck your head and you can't really move your nose right? Because that's now stuck to your arm the I'm guessing you're probably not doing a whole lot of walking around town like that, but but yeah, ver- there's. Is going to be a weird period there, but you know the Italian method, it's a remarkable what it can do like it may be Br, summoning images of like a really bad plastic surgery job or something. But I've, I've seen some images particularly like particularly late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds in which you see multiple pedestals of flesh that are essentially walked up the body to the face to repair individuals who say, lost their lower jaw to to to gunshot wound, and then you're able to walk all these pedals up to the face, and it looks kind of gasoline at first, but then you start putting them in their place. And at the end of the price of this series of procedures, you have a much more normal looking visage they are in place of the damaged tissue. So in in in this scenario, we see the impact of syphilis on early rhino pass plastic in Europe. But we also see other ways in which syphilis ends up change. The way that that that medicine is practiced through throughout the the old world. For instance, I immediately challenged humor ISM and the doctrine of contagion that was prevalent of the day. We also see syphilis as a catalyst for modern doctor, patient confidentiality because suddenly it becomes kind of a calling card for some doctors, hey, let me treat you for your syphilis because I'll keep it on the down low. Now. He just kinda take that for granted that we only do a doctor. They're not going to black about syphilis to everyone in.

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