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What you brought out for us to sample here on the radio and what people could come out and have a thorough make it it out for lunch today or dinner this evening yeah again it's k it's if i was driving down the road and i heard check in carbon ara it'd be like yeah great hit how i wouldn't be that impressed the pay by just heard the word so i think as we're talking about last segment of what sets us apart it's completely different so if you hear something that we advertise like chicken carbon ara you may have something in your mind of what what you might think carbon are is most of the time you're gonna find something that's full a cream you're right fall a cream full appease full bacon that type of thing and that's not that's not really it at all classically carbon are is not well what is what is carbon are harbin are is going to have some type of pork products in it financially not necessarily bacon not necessarily out of the time it's pinch eta and chat okay non smoked we do use bacon 'cause i i like the i like that component dish so achon is so also what it is it's it's it's a simple pasta net has some broth in it and what it is that dick and in an old classic style that italian league technique right and what we do is we we get all the vegetables and chicken and everything ready to go we we'll put in some white wine and some lemon juice i'm so there's your acid some of our vegetable stock that we use in then right at the end once everything's done when pastas cooked at all gets tossed we pop an.

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