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He begins though he pronounces it fury suggesting he's not toys certain. It's for animal lovers. He adds by way of explanation. God. This is like the greatest trolling of all time. I wonder if somebody just did like take out an are they tried to get it through its Siri Convention. You're full of rage and fury my man this is right up your alley. That's right. Wow. Scott right in if you have not watched the social dilemma Netflix's, it's a much must watch for anyone that gets on the Internet. It's one hundred percent of everything you've been saying since the start keep up the great work is you're the only sanity that I can find my life each week in this world that is just going insane. Now I love when we get these notes and I I think we need to actually preface we usually take these out. When somebody writes in a response to the show? That is not the latest greatest. We get these all the time. So we all we have to sit out lots of emails and say, yeah, yeah we covered that in the latest episode though there's new episode which means everybody go to geology that show slash subscribe so you get the latest and greatest episodes as they come out. And we have a couple more comments about old episodes. The let's just throw them in really quick because I thought two of these were funny Ron Lanier rights awful. Lanier guy in social dilemma does not represent all with last name. Lanier. Ask and Aaron Rights and Jason Thank you for your mouth noise editing. You're welcome. Aaron. And Jason writes in episode four, seventy, two, you mentioned how is so bad at recognizing sarcasm in human terms loss of the ability to recognize sarcasm can be an early sign of dementia. Apparently, it takes fairly high level cognitive cognition to recognize subtle humor sarcasm brings. Yes. That's a compliment. So. None functional. It's demented stay grumpy and sarcastic it's good for you. Thank you thank you Jason. Another Jason writes in or maybe the same one father the year that I am I heard you say that it was funny to try to have the lady in the tube translate one, hundred, one, hundred, one, hundred, and Welsh. Soy tried it's now my nine year old is asking me what that word means though. He careful around the kids with the lady in the dudes. Is, in Gabriel, writes in Spider webs on drugs which they were more picks, and this is linked to medium a spider on LSD and a journey to build the perfect web thing is ancient. This is like recycled recycled news because this is like from nineteen eighty. Yes. The back in the eighties and I I see this pop up every now and again where somebody rediscovers it and they see the pictures of you know they put spiders on all different types of drugs and look what it did to their webs-, you know it's it's cute. It's cool. It's cool. I like yeah. It's. It's fun that it keeps coming back up because it means has legs eight of them actually. Check it out and signals are are allred writes in me. Again, I heard you talking about the sunken data centers on the show and Jason Wonder why they put it in the ocean rather than just keep it on land and pump water around it. My cousins actually involved with some of this in his career according to him one reason they're looking into putting data centers deep. In. The Ocean isn't just for cooling. It's an attempt to protect critical systems against outside threats mainly natural disasters such as emp geomagnetic radiation like what happened in eighteen, fifty, nine with the Carrington event we're overdue for another, but also man made threats as well. I don't know too much about these projects but I do know that major tech companies and government entities are researching it. And as an interesting side note to that because my kid is so into space right now, he he comes to me every morning and wants to go look at the new Space News Daddy. So why bring up like space dot com and we see if there's any new news our son has started a new cycle, which means we're overdue for some solar solar flare storms which can fuck with our electric's so makes yesterday can and you know what else can fuck with. Data Center underwater. chainsaw. Discussed Tube got cut the series of tubes that go to the won't matter if somebody just comes along and go snip snip to the cable but I'm just saying there they might be protecting against one thing but are they protecting against the other but they've got trained killer Dolphins Jason. Killer Dolphins. Over at I, tunes, Aaron the Thomas Writes in with a five star love the show. It's the highlight of my week Jason Brian Provide a bit of relief and crazy weird s times love bitterness contribution and when Seth POPs by love the TV and movie reviews and Moron of the week. Stay grumpy friends I'm sorry stay. grumpy fiends. Makita ten eighty-five gives us another five star rating boast entertaining tech podcast have been listening for years these to bring a much needed sense of reality, the Tech News and life in general I look forward to the shows every week keep up the excellent work we shall, and if you want your question or comment, read on the show head over to go dot show slash contact and send us your feedback your questions that we can read on the air, and if you're so inclined to police head over to go dot show.

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