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Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts. 5 53 traffic and weather together. The SARU retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Some of these troubled spots just hanging on Mike. Yeah, they're not going away any time soon. That's my guest here, man, Lester with the upper end of 1 28 north. Delays continue through Wilbur, and it's been like distance about two o'clock north bound delays. Through 38 a past 93 couple of miles there and then delays farther north from 95 in Peabody up into Danvers breaks wide open after up after a route 35. We're going to see if there's something going on there. Route three and 93 North really aren't too bad now up towards for 95, south of town. Let's get the latest word on the expressway now, with your ma free insurance road report except the top end of the expressway. Maybe about these out here, so South sounds a little slow getting by south a center. That's it there. Heavy a little heavy around the Freeport Street on ramp and then you're slow from squad, Um, street down to Braintree. So that's the worst of it down near the bottom at ifyou're on expressway North found that's tied up down from the ponds that river up toward the gas tank. Kristen Act on them Operate Insurance, wrote report elsewhere to the South. 24 South is just awful now from for 95 way down past route, 44 rain and there's a lane taken there and then more stop and go down pass through 1 40, then 95 South backs up well before we won 40 down past 45 in Mansfield miking with W. P. Z's traffic on the three. CJ's Wholesale club brings us the four day AccuWeather forecast. It's going to get better. Brian Forman sticking for tonight with the most The cloudy sky, there will be a couple of showers around. Perhaps the thunderstorm.

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