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Podcast is for you dean is deeply cynical jared can't commit to anything except his girlfriend vanessa is more canadian than justin trudeau that is canada okay well i'm an idiot i highly recommend listening when you need a reason to feel superior in your love life five out of five stars wow that was kind of nice to yeah that was kind of nice these are actually surprisingly have a little positively at the end of so if you're still listening leave us a five star review and be incredibly mean to us because we'll read them on their next week big to mark eastern erica for being in studio big thank you to jared talking about his engagement with ashley yeah thanks for that which we will probably talk about every podcast from here on out big thank you to the thread podcast being a sponsor of this podcast which obviously would not be around thought or sponsors maybe we can sponsor their podcast i would love to bus podcast we should maybe that's the future just podcasts all sponsoring other podcasts people helping people i love it and i will is what to say this on air booked a one way ticket to tokyo so i might not be coming back dean's going to be on the next season of bachelor japan you'll be in tokyo for the fourth of july we'll be i'm going to be russia do you know people there i don't it's my first ever solo trip but i'm just going to always been japan and i decided one day i wanted to go and so here we here that's pretty exciting i leave on sunday wow that's really exciting how long it's like eleven hours okay this but i will be back eventually we won't see next week because of july fourth yup but jared vanessa will be taking over rains come the following weeks thank you so much you're listening be sure to tune in for next episode of help by suck dating when maybe we suck a little bit less follow hell by suck dating with dean vanessa jared on iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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