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But in the end, he's not getting the title shot. It's usenet. So we're gonna talk to Tyron Woodley about all that because we know that Woodley wanted the comington fight see how he feels about at all at three twenty five. We're going to be talking to Cody Garbrandt, Cody Garbrandt has done a lot of media since he lost to TJ dillashaw back in early August in Los Angeles. I'm really excited about that. And of course, he's returning on that same card in March in Las Vegas against Pedro Mundos. And also of note he has fought TJ dillashaw twice over call going into that second fight. He was the one saying that he would like to win the belt back and then drop. Down to one twenty five that opportunity now goes to TJ dillashaw curious to see how he feels about at all at three oh five we're going to be joined by Derek Lewis, our old friend the Black Beast who you may recall gave me crap many a time that he couldn't see me my new setup and whatnot. What's he going to say? Now look at me now. Derek look at me now now Derek has gone a little Hollywood on us. It's been harder than usual to get him on the program so excited to talk to him March ninety returns to action against JD s in beautiful, Wichita, Kansas. That's the main event it was announced early last week as well Anthony Smith will stop by to forty five. Of course, he meets John Jones in the main event of that card on March second in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to that Kamara loose men. The forementioned will stop by to twenty-five talk to him about getting the title shot and whatnot. We were supposed to be joined by Greg hardy at one forty five. I got a call ten minutes ago. Telling me that Greg hardy will not be joining us at one forty five. Five. I am as disappointed as all of you. I'm sure there are some of you who are probably happy that Greg hardy isn't going to be on the program. So I'm sorry about that. I could probably explain a little more later. But for now, I'll keep those thoughts to myself. Instead, we're going to be joined by friend of the program filthy, Tom Lawlor, who would never leave me hanging at the alter luck going on his life. I'm excited talked to Tom Waller at one forty five. Eric Albert seeing the head coach for Henry Suharto was stopped by at one twenty five. He has a lot to get off his chest. He's mad at me that I didn't name him coach of the year. So I'm looking forward to that. But first, let us go to the brand spanking new Skype sheen and say Hello to our first guest of the day the head coach for one TJ dillashaw, the great Dwayne bang Ludwig. Dwayne how're you good? Good good. How you doing? It's great to have you on the show. You look great. What a great Skype connection you have over there. I really appreciate that the beginning of a big week for you..

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