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Protests and whatnot so it's this is an interesting drama this unfolding write a book bright before our eyes i loved that roger goodell is going power move here he knows all skeletons in the closet he knows how often he's had to go for the on the podium at the fed the nfl owners the fed the cba defend the process of the way he vesa gates uh these cases whether izzi carrier tom brady and the flaking he knows what he's been doing so i like him calling shop at next up augurs which college football talk about the fallout from a wild week eleven it call triple next on the locker room on espn radio these he's a latter on espn radio and the espn app wild crazy we can and call triple the chaos is outstanding cultural wall playoff it draws in fans los airbases feel now they have a chance to win starting on friday night the pac 12 eliminated by pastoral covers eliminated washington goes down a stanford thirty two 22 now get to saturday wild and crazy you heard it all bird defeats number one georgia home forty seventeen game was not even close auburn gave it to georgia in the sec we had number two alabama growing number sixty mississippi state alabama scoring fourteen fourth quarter points to pluck a win thirty one 24 and some of that was mississippi states fault they had a terrible coaching mistake i thought it was third in twelve game is tired about admitted in a half left they run isiro pressure which.

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