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For information about each other catholic yesterday one jerry online at it got dark are cough seventy seven three three three now news on central south dakota's news leader twelve forty kc cr good afternoon the third is casey are narrow zayn kevin larson the fort hereby centennial celebration is occurring next month to provide a two hundred years celebration of history and culture in fort pierre the town's population could easily triple or quadruple during the threeday event september 15th through the 17th bicentennial committee chairperson chris maxwell says it's been a phone summer so far bought the phone is just getting started whether it's people rallying be around the community all center or just around the the farmer's market or all the other events that have been happening the concerts and the rodeos and it's it's been a fun bicentennial year selim rations summer and our hitting that last stretch on the eve of a celebration the much anticipated showing of the film folding horses the wife of casey taleb's will kick off at the awakes theater at four o'clock on the 14th with a second showing at seven pm of rewell donation will get viewers into the showing because the producer is not able to charge in mission and tell the film has finished its film festival ron microcells will you weekend we'll be a combination of many many different events it again will be a combination of the dakota western harry's festival and some of their activities that we've incorporated the sterling family rash rodeo that will have their things going on on sunday and then the full bicentennial kind of schedule that kinda will tie those pieces together on not to mention its homecoming so the football games going to be going on and as all that's going to be happening as well for pierre mira gloria hansen says the main thing they wanna do during a celebration instore acknowledged the town's history and the people who made fort pierre what it is today we're going to have descendants of pierre chateau of joseph lafron boy of merrill weather lewis of joseph waldron scotty philip and as i said we could have of family tips family members are filling auditory until i i think it's going to be just an an exciting time to have descendance family members from those.

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