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Joins us with an update on what films are out on video this week. And I'm trying to think if I saw this Gerard Butler mid this is the one where he shirtless the whole time. Right. Well, not as much as others confusing that that must have been Meg I don't know they all done together. Easy to get those two confused is this hundred Schiller is Gerard Butler in a submarine. Meg was Jason Statham, and this giant huge prehistoric shark. The sillier. Meg. And I actually enjoyed it more. But for a really stupid silly popcorn movie. This is pretty good too. Not as good, but pretty good. It's like a remake of hunt for Red October. Yeah. Well, it makes. Red October look way way better. And I guess it kinda was, but this is much more of a comic book. We we got Gerard ballers, captain of American sub. And he's going after this other American subs and a rushing sub that have sunk, and it all has to do with this incredibly complicated plot whereby the Russian defense minister is tried to stage a new. And he's taken the Russian president hostage and drought Bella and his and the seal team digits onboard they have to to to rescue the Russian premier, and that's just kind of I I feel really silly saying that much. Okay. I would feel even sillier if I said anything more about it. But if you enjoy this kind of ridiculous action with some really good, computer generated effects too. You know for all the substance does and that kind of stuff then you will enjoy it. It just sounds just completely dopey to you. Well, yeah, it is. But this is not the movie for you. Then I enjoyed it. It won't be as much fun on on videos was on the big screen. But it it really won't lose that much either. Because you just you you sit down and really much popcorn with this kind of movie. Okay. Well, anything that makes you know that helps promote Gerard Butler. I'm for because there was a time. They're probably not right now. But there was a time there when people thought I looked like Gerard Butler. Maybe after a few drinks after a few drinks, they these two women and key west were convinced that I was Gerard Butler. And I'm not saying I lied to them. But I didn't disabuse them of that idea. Sorry, ladies. Wrong on a couple of. A navy seal. Are this other movie? I Jonathan Pryce is a great actor. I've seen him on stage in a couple of different shows. This is called the wife. Yeah. He he is a terrific actor, and I was kinda surprised he didn't get a best supporting actor nomination for this. But instead that the best actress nomination went to Glenn Close. And this may well be her final, you know, her shot that she really is going to win she'd been nominated for best actress six times and never once. Yeah. She's playing Jonathan prices wife. He is and a writer in English professor who has just won the Nobel prize, and they go to Stockholm for the ceremony and in the process, all kinds of family divisions. His problems with his son. A lot of other secrets is in a family or revealed Christian Slater's around as a writer who wants to do a biography of him. But is meeting stiff resistance from the subject? He's involved to the plot really gets very soapy. And of course, there's a lot about her and the the whole situation that is going to be revealed in in the course of the film. It's done very, well, I just never quite bought that they were acting the way people who had just won the Nobel prize for literature would again. That's it. She is really very very good in it. She just wanted to screen actress iota award. She shared. Are the award for best actress with my group, the broadcast film critics association, I think she's got a very good shot at winning an Oscar for this. So if you want to catch her performance before the the Oscar ceremony take a look at it like, I say, not her best work, and I really didn't enjoy the film that much, but I do recommend it for her fans because she is really just so good in it. Well, she's been around a long time. Yup. So if this is it this is what seals the deal for. She has been kind of angling for this for the past several years. She's gonna tell you roles. They're kind of crafted for an actress of her age to get the respect that she she certainly deserves. She's got a great long career done a whole lot of roles from things like jagged edge, and and say l- attraction up into more dramatic work. She really does deserve some recognition. Yeah. She was. She was the one on Broadway in Sunset Boulevard. And I saw her there thought she was really good. And you can't sing very well. But she's a great performer terrific before. Okay. You're not going to argue with me. Okay mic. Mayo from Mike de mayo dot com. Always enjoy it. Thank you, take care..

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