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To the irs and expecting them to handle it with money and even fewer employees he says that makes for a very difficult situation for the agency and for its employees and of course for tax payers one place with a lack of irs personnel might be most apparent is the agencies taxpayer helpline yeah it's it's it's going to be a nightmare jennifer mcmillan is with the national association of enrolled agents which represents tax per terrors she says the irs couldn't keep up with all the calls from taxpayers seeking help with their returns last year many were kept waiting on hold for over an hour next year mcmillan expects lots of confusion with the new law people are going to be highly them what have you are going to be galling not only to find out what the implications of them might be i think a lot of people are going to be under the yeah i have a misunderstanding and think that it's going to affect their filing of two thousand seventeen patrick and that's important to note many taxpayers won't notice all the new changes until they go to file their twenty eighteen taxes do in april twenty nine gene brian naylor npr news washington in the virginia house of delegates some dramatic reversals are proving true the old maxim every vote counts yesterday it seemed that control of the chamber rested on a single vote a recount gave the democratic challenger shelly simon's a one vote lead over republican incumbent david yancey the republicans challenged one ballot and this afternoon three judges agreed now the tally is an exact thai eleven thousand six hundred eight to eleven thousand six hundred eight the outcome of this race could determine which party controls the virginia house of delegates and here to talk with us about this is rachel bid a cough or who teaches political science at christopher newport university in newport news virginia which is in the ninety four th district welcome to the program well thank you so much for having one at all i know you tell your dude and that political involvement is important in every vote counts boy have you ever seen anything like this yeah this is rarely sunday and for both of these candidates are very familiar with my classes nc in yale they both come in and do activities on campus and talk to.

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