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Wilson, President Trump discussed on Politics and Public Policy Today


On the story we're joined on the phone read Wilson of the hill dot com and when the president says that the governors need to dominate the streets specifically what is he referring to well grown outraged by these protests are the dead raised across the country and he wants to go governors and mayors to be sending out police and National Guard troops with orders to effectively take control and stop the protest and and stop the rioting which I'm currently taking place in German cities and over and over that he doesn't think that the police response has been strong enough and he has even tweeted out defenses all of the new York city police department even after they've been caught on camera using excessive force multiple times I think that's what he meant by that dominated coke back your streets and what about the reaction from the governors on this call today most of the staff that I talked to were flabbergasted they were shocked that the president was was so outraged and what one police towards the end of the call Illinois governor JB Pritzker I told president trump that he needed to tone down the rhetoric and he was really concerned about some of the things coming out of the White House the plane shot back and said that he was very disappointed with the questions response in the corona virus and effectively ended the call right there so that the government will play shop and one source all tell me that this call was insane insane do you think they're going to get that down source used it's almost reminiscent of what we heard from then candidate and president Richard Nixon in the late nineteen sixties I mean there there are a lot of parallels being drawn between now this particular moment in nineteen sixty eight when he was running for president he was promising a law and order approach president trump may try to emulate that especially if the economy doesn't rebound and and that continues through the summer the problem though is that unlike Nixon trump again comic and as you know this this outbreak of the corona virus outbreak of anger at racial inequality racial disparity it happened on his watch so that could be a much tougher case to prosecute and and and thank you very a number of others have already decided on that they're not going to trial will we hear from the president directly talking about these issues could be expected over type address it's hard for me to imagine that we won't at some point I'm sort of surprised that we haven't already this is the moment when the president of the United States trustees the megaphone and that the power of the office like to command attention president trump hasn't done that because he doesn't think that he has much to add to the subject which is surprising to me because I don't know of many other people in the world who don't have a lot to add to the subject on about hot moment in American history and the one that the president could seize on to at least you can refocus attention on himself then again that may not be well what the protesters in the streets and especially the protesters outside the White House one three we're talking with reed Wilson the hill dot com and we've all seen the pictures over the last couple of days from Lafayette park in the White House almost haunting with the demonstrations the tear gas in the fireworks that led smoke in the sky it would have been quite remarkable and you know one point last night the one point that I'm sending it to the White House may be turned off the light almost like a like a champion Halloween is run out of candy and indeed seemed almost a perfect metaphor for a president who who does not like to acknowledge the things he doesn't like to acknowledge and maybe just sort of coming out of the box we will follow the developments at the hill dot com read Wilson as always thanks for being with us the lawsuit and is part of that nineteen sixty eight presidential campaign that re Wilson had discussed here is what the Nixon campaign job law and order and add from that election year it is time for an honest look at the problem of the border in the United States this is a necessary ingredient of change in the system of government that provides for peaceful change there is no cause that justifies resort to violence is recognized as the first civil right of every American is to be free from domestic.

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