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Six five oh five four six two six and we will a drop some more names on here from Donald Trump junior let us go to David Limbaugh attorney nationally syndicated columnist political commentator and of course so the brother of rush and also best selling author of a number of books the latest of which guilty by reason of insanity it's published by regular rate and subtitled why the Democrats must not win I I just want to put you down as undecided to David yeah well I'm falling down from junior that's not fair I'm I'm I bet he wasn't very partisan either about no that's very true well neither am I so there you go it's just a happy little group of hold hands and sing come by around these parts but but again there are certain reasons of course why people are a bit upset these days there is a considerable amount of hypocrisy in evidence out there in the way that very as people with different points of view are a treated these days your thoughts yeah I I think that the the left has become increasingly intolerant and this intolerance manifest itself in their toward caring and philosophy an attitude and approach to government and also the way they handle social media and their their suppressors of speech and they they don't even want to live and let live in our community they drive people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of restaurants they drowned people out of university speaking engagements and and people will take over cities it's it's really gotten pretty scary and and I don't think there's a moral equivalence by the way between someone like me calling them out for their behavior and their behavior your call right here this criticize your well I mean I I I just don't know any other way to do it but to point out what they're doing and one of my going to sit back and just be silent about that that's what they would like they want you to sit back and be silent because you're bad you're evil and you just be quiet and let your betters even if they don't know anything about anything run the country that the true irony here I think is that that many of these people are in a group called and chief short for anti fascist are you kidding me any one of Hitler's brown shirts still alive today would immediately recognize their tactics they are the most fascist people in the United States of America today and they aren't even aware of it would recognize their tactics and embrace them with a warm hug join us yeah it is it is pretty remarkable and again much to to go into in our discussion tonight with the David Limbaugh a previous guest of the program and always welcome back guilty by reason of insanity it I've had various people offer me thoughts on just what the Democrats are doing are they in the same are some of them seem to be borderline are they are not really aware of what they're saying and doing I think that applies in any number of cases of some of them unfortunately I think know exactly what they're doing and that is is the most troubling of all I think it if you're it's simply immature and and ignorant that's not an excuse but as of explanation but some of these people know precisely what they're doing yeah I think the leadership clearly now the leaders of the Democratic Party which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the laughter and arguably of the media knows what they're doing I I thought about this a lot and some of these interviews where you have rank and file Democrats now there they realized now we'll be back by the way in that just a moment.

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