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Can't wait to get back to Vegas with the hendo is my hair the fact there soon no worries got to get through the current madness take twenty four to thirty eight thirty K. H. B. H. April thirteenth a thousand twenty under way what happened the state in history you find out now if their friends which days you're you're on the state update for April thirteenth the Jefferson memorial was dedicated in Washington DC today in nineteen forty three on this date in nineteen seventy an oxygen tank aboard Apollo thirteen explodes on the way to the moon starting in amazing drama that ended four days later with the crew returning safely to earth as millions of people around the world each year and the young Tiger Woods won his first major golf tournament today in nineteen ninety seven he took the prestigious masters by a record twelve strokes born on this date get smart actor don Adams the real outlaw Butch Cassidy and soul singer Al Green hi Mitch Davis and that's your on the state update April thirteenth nineteen seventy after the conclusion of a planned broadcast as many of you who have watched the movie Apollo thirteen no Jack swagger and asked to stir the oxygen tanks which precipitators explosion on the space craft and then it was a race to see if you can get all three astronauts back alive Jim Lovell Fred Haise and Jack swagger one of the songs used in the movie Norman Greenbaum spirit in the sky great movie and it just happened to be a real life thing and happened to St fifty years ago and by the way Jack.

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