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N. all right coming up on the program later this hour we are going to play our first corona virus inspired game already played half of it is called stump the shelf keep listening because we've already chosen our winner for today and when I say winter I mean you know that's a relative term here's the idea we are going to find celebrity chefs locally nationally today we're starting with our dear friend chef Mike he's the man who runs the catering at the end knighted center it's got everything you could possibly imagine he's made everything you could possibly imagine and here's the idea what we do is early on in the show we solicit for a color by number if you are that color by number you call we pick up if you thank you caller for example the nineteen call we pick up the say hello you're the nineteenth caller you win a twenty five dollar luminaries guess certificate name three items that you have in your kitchen that you would like to make for dinner and an hour later we will have our celebrity chef on to tell you exactly what that recipe should be and I will just tell you that this particular set of items for today is a little daunting because it involves creamy things and I'm not sure how this is all going to work out that's coming your way we also are going to be talking to our friend rocky work sees all of our friends he is the chairman of the Chicago Blackhawks and he injury runs or did something really amazing by deciding that we're going to pay their employees throughout all of this the trouble that we are having and and they they as it turns out are really one of the one of the organizations that is doing that and a lot of other organizations or not and that's the only problem is having the president today even acknowledged at his press conference that said there is concern about a recession that his administration is concerned about recession but once this the danger has passed everything will bounce back Susan Schmidt joins us right now from Aviva investors and the Dow seem to not like what happened yesterday where the federal reserve cut the interest rates to zero because right after that happened the overnight international trading seem to go way down and then that the Dow drops three thousand points today eight and a half percent what happens tomorrow so who knows if you remember that we've got a very volatile market right now we had a big down day last Thursday and yet Friday was up nearly ten percent now we've got Monday were down against the Michigan only we're not really sure what's going to happen tomorrow the market tailed off at the end with I think some concern from president trump's statements that can continue it might end at the earliest July or August that's a longer time frame than the market is absorbing in the market had a lot of information thrown at it over the weekend it it's trying to digest hence the big drop when it opened this morning we put out a circuit breaker you start trading halt for fifteen minutes thanks very unusual it was so the market had time to digest all that information so that's the big problem I think of a lot of us are having today this afternoon when the president did say Hey maybe August maybe July you know he always wants to make it a little bit better right he's he's he's an optimist a lot of ways so he's like saying Hey if it's August maybe July that coming September doesn't it well we're not really sure and I think that's the big thing here is by July or August does that mean that schools are still out there okay but we're not going back but he's still asking us to gather in groups of ten or less we don't know what the magnitude of that is and I think that's where investors are really struggling or seen a fall in stock prices not because the companies are that much different than where they were two weeks ago it because buyer can't figure out what the business is gonna look like or have to go through in the next six months in further stepping to the sidelines the sellers are there buyers aren't in your scene this volatility in the market as a result of that all right what are the sectors that got hit the hardest today well we thought a lot of damage across the board because now we're at the point where again people are indiscriminate in what they're selling they just don't want exposure until they can put some clarity around it I think what was interesting was you thought what went up today Clorox Krueger started the day strong American Airlines had a positive day Norwegian cruise line came up charge when we opened today so I think it's more interesting to look at those because the signs of support from the administration we saw the fed dropped a hundred basis point to one percentage taking interest rate back down to zero we need to see that kind of support coming from the administration so when you get a comment from the administration that they're backstopping the airline one of the results from that was we saw a surge in American Airlines stock price I think we're gonna get continued volatility you're gonna see some extreme Motorcraft batch it this point just repaired the people are deciding I'm in I'm out of the market they're not really making individual business decisions yet on where they want to invest and for the long term investor that's what you should be doing because here's your opportunity to actually be able to buy into some of these companies that put the long term the fabulous operators and winners in might be you know a great success story for you remember that when everyone took their money out in two thousand eight they really regretted it because when they look back later ten years forward they more than doubled if it stayed in the market and that's I think what has been a lot of investors minds right now right his friend and even busters thank you very much appreciate your time will be speaking to you I think a few times here there's a couple of weeks all right I thank you all right let's let's check in now Lauren lapkus Intel's is having on the roadways.

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