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I don't know if I mentioned it, but the Patriots had nobody claimed on waivers that they released yesterday. So everybody cleared waivers for the Patriots in terms of the guys that had to go through the waiver process. So everyone was an option for the Patriots to resign on the practice squad. So we'll get to some of the players that they were able to bring back. But was Ben mason the most predictable signing that we also seen coming because this was fascinating. Now, Ian rapid board said that the Patriots are signing Ben mason under the impression at least what has it was presented to rap sheet to quickly elevate him to the 53 man roster when a roster spot becomes available. So first and foremost, what do you think about them getting Ben mason here in the vault? As soon as I saw Ben mason was waved yesterday, I thought that my ears perked up, right? I thought this would be a possibility. But now it sounds like Ben mason has a legitimate chance to knock Jakob Johnson off the roster. And then they're gonna carry two fullbacks. Which they might. You know, we went from I was sitting here saying they're not gonna carry a fullback to, you know, maybe you go 22 personnel two tight ends two fullbacks and you just push your way down the field, I guess. I don't know. It's interesting. I think the nature of the fullback position is highly physical. And I think it's a spot that you just, you know, you want that depth, right? You want that extra depth. Because, you know, we remember what happened when James Devlin went down and then Jakob Johnson got hurt shortly after as a rookie and they really didn't have anybody for that role. So they have some more depth there now. I also wonder if it's maybe a thing where he's gonna be elevated quickly then sent back, maybe hunter Henry's not ready to go and Matt lacosse isn't ready to go instead of adding another tight end. You're just kind of used him as essentially a blocking tight end mason and you put him on the line of scrim. He put Johnson on the line of scrimmage and Nathan is the fullback..

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