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The way the fact that there is a populist in brazil just another reminder to that this scourge of right wing populism is genuinely threatening the health of the planet. It's it is this. I mean there's obviously connections between why we have a populist realist in brazil a populist in the united states all at the same time but it is this. You couldn't pick a worse time in u._s. In world history the two seed some of the most important influential governments either diplomatically militarily or in the case of brazil literally in charge charge of the world's oxygen supply <hes> to have these sort of knuckleheads at the switch at this moment yeah and it's worth remembering too to that this abdication of american leadership as many have pointed out as joe biden has pointed out that if we can get trump out of office yes we can make this period of time and aberration not because we don't not because we've you trump as an aberration but will because we can signal to the world that we recognize recognize the mistake of trump but if we affirm him in a second term the opportunity to send that message to the world is gone at an incredibly critical moment. No one is ever going to be more popular than the first president who is at trump at like the g twenty or the united nations will be carrying carrying carrying him in on one of those litters before we leave this climate discussion. There was one other story that i do believe we have to discuss. I i will read from an axios post that i think <hes> caught the world by storm. Shall i say president trump has suggested multiple times to senior homeland insecurity and national security officials that the explore using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes from hitting the united states. It goes on during one hurricane briefing at the white house. Trump said i got it. I got it. I can't do it. I got it. I got it. Why don't we nuke them. According to one source he was there they start forming off the coast of africa as they're moving across the atlantic drop a bomb inside of the hurricane and it disrupts it. Why can't we do that. The source added paraphrasing the president's remarks as how the brief reacted the source recall. All these had something to the effect of sir look into that are you can see. Are you concerned. Am i concerned. Am i concerned about a a an atomic hurricane barreling down on the east coast host flooding our cities and leaving them covered and radioactive debris. Yes i'm a little bit. I'm a little bit. Concerned is the word it's i did not realize because i have never seen these films. This is actually the plot apparently early. I've also never seen shark nato and shame on the creators of shark nato who of planted a terrible idea into the mind of our feeble president. I do think nuking nuking the hurricane capture something essential about donald trump as a person because he doesn't believe climate change exists but the worsening hurricanes heading for us it does have a plan to make them radioactive and kill kill more people. I would just try try to put yourself in the world where you're just. You're a normal person. You're reading facebook going through seeing what's happening in the world and you catch a post from your uncle who who has this idea in response to some story about hurricanes coming. Do you immediately call a family meeting to discuss. It's this post or like what like what is the reaction to it. And how concerned are you that this is coming from. A person who actually has the ability to launch said missiles not just pontificate ticketed this sort of thing where several members of the family kind of speak in hushed tones that you know. Obviously you know he's alone all the time. You know <hes> sarah beth left oft. He's just there you know just there alone is having these crazy ideas. I'm not sure what to do. I don't i don't watch means. It means that we need to do. We just need to check on it more. We're gonna we're gonna draw up at chartres in one of us is gonna go there every other day for the next month just to make sure that uncle insane person is that's fine. America is brought to you by the new yorker. The new yorker represents the best writing in america.

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