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My analysis suggests that they're having an excellent season so far. Jeff Sullivan, hello, Jeff. I've been and Meg. I've been introduced. Wow. Nothing Sam already. And also snubbing. The third friend in the 5th beatle of effectively wild grip is free of the athletic hello grant. I don't know whether your George Martin or Billy Preston or stew sutcliffe or someone else, but we're happy to have you regardless. I'll go with Billy Preston, because if you saw that Peter Jackson documentary, when he came in, everyone else stopped bickering. He was a calming presence. So that's what I am. You guys, if I'm not here, you guys are just sniping at each other. Just grant tickling the keys over there. So we still like baseball. And the show and each other enough to continue this tradition. So here we are. The another edition there. How much enough? Enough. Well, at first I wondered, I mean, we've already drafted several things. We like baseball. So I wondered whether I had exhausted my resource my well of things that I liked about baseball, but I discovered that no, there are still some things that I like that we have not drafted yet. They may have come up at some point in the previous 1999 episodes because I think I've expressed every thought that I have ever had or will have in my head at some point during the run of this podcast and probably I've just repeating myself at this point. So thanks everyone for sticking around. But yeah, still some stuff I like about this silly sport. And I hope the same is true of all of you. Of course, of course. So much love to give. The love you take is equal to, I guess that wasn't a Billy Preston lyric, but he was around perhaps anyway. I don't think he was around. But that was a different album. Yeah, right. So we're all here and we're doing the same thing that we've done before. So that's fun. I guess I could maybe quickly recap what has been drafted before, just a rapid fire, just read off the effectively wild wiki, I was just reading some of these things and some of them, I don't know what they were. Just based on the description on the wiki. I really couldn't tell you what exactly it is, but maybe you'll all recall or the listeners will. So if you don't want to be spoiled about episode 500 9 96 in 1500, skip ahead a minute or just go back and listen to them first. How much does it bother you that it was 9 96? It does actually. I don't attempt, do you remember why it was why was it 9 96? Well, for two reasons. One is that we had a preexisting date with Kevin Goldstein, who vowed to only appear once we got to episode a thousand. And two is the episode a thousand was my farewell. So at a certain point, I don't know, roughly around episode 9 97, you decided it wasn't going to be the show's farewell, but up to that point we thought that that was going to be the end of it. And so I think that it made sense to squeeze a few hits into the final week. Yeah, okay. Anyway, I don't know who in their right mind does 2000 episodes of a podcast, but I'm glad that it's still going so that we can convene again today. So I was going to ask if you actually wish it had ended with Sam's departure. We've had some good times in the past several years. Would you say enough? Yeah, I would say enough good times. That I'm pleased that it didn't end there. So here's what was drafted. Here's what Sam has drafted in the past. Babe Ruth and Ernie shore, I guess specifically the Ernie shore relieving Babe Ruth. And pitching a no hitter from that point. It was Ernie shore as The Simpsons. What is that guy's name? Why am I blanking on it? Grant, you know. Some stuff. You know, the one where Homer's got the coworker and everything goes wrong. Yeah, exactly. So Ernie, shore is Frank Grimes. Right. Right. And then radio commercials during baseball broadcasts, which was a frequent topic during your days co hosting this podcast. GM's making predictions, which was also a frequent topic of the podcast and your writing. The worst ever sacrifice bunt. Oh, that's a great one. That's a great pick. Let's just do it again. I don't remember what the worst ever sacrifice, but Mark Waller's had a historic case of the yips and in the middle of it, Doug glanville bunted on two O. Mark Waller's a throne like 26 balls in a row, and then Doug playing, he'll just bunt it on two O to sacrifice a guy over. Matt Kemp's rap album. Still want to hear it. He stood in the studio. Phil Negro being

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