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To be the game three starter however oregon state is three more beaver at bat outs from having no game tomorrow with arkansas leading three two two so on comes able to face shatti gates and cook into left field joe casey on after stephen cohen pinch hit carson shatti with an rbi single in the fifth shows blunt and takes the first pitch outside for a ball they appeal the first he did not offer at it and it's one oh again and insurance right here becomes absolutely huge you saw the razor's edge that the razorbacks were flirting with that top half of the inning so that three more outs to go they're going to have to see the top of the order fastball curveball changed the three pitches that will see from able as wing and a foul tip into the glove of cars of adly ruckman from carson shatti and it's one and one three to lead for arkansas aiming for a first baseball national championship the one want joss missed off the edge of the plate with her ball and it's two and one nineteen ninety four they want to basketball title nineteen sixty four the football national championship in a long time it has been a long time in the major sports the to want swag to eleven cross country men's titles twenty indoor track and field ten outdoor track and field and women's indoor and outdoor but of the major men's sports football men's basketball baseball one in football one in basketball none in baseball but three outs away here the to any tips at foul towards the arkansas dugout for oregon state it'll be taylor jones madrigal eight nine and one in the lineup against cronin that is not the spot in the order that pat casey would prefer what stranger things have happened with this potent beaver offense in this series two balls two strikes to carson shatti righty versus righty enabled deals a breaking.

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