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Decade later hussein staged a coup ousting the leader of his own party and installed himself as president of iraq. The country remained under hussein's autocratic rule. For almost thirty years in that time hussein became entrenched in a cult of personality. He was known to have commissioned a koran to be transcribed from his own blood and even wrote a romance novel that was later adapted into a musical. He insisted the iraqi people call him. Great uncle or the anointed one but hussein's rule didn't just consist of lavish vanity projects under his leadership. Iraq spiraled hussein engaged in a bitter eight-year war with neighbouring iran that drained the country's finances and killed hundreds of thousands of iraqis not long after in nineteen ninety. Saddam invaded kuwait resulting in the first gulf war. He also orchestrated multiple massacres in iraq and neighboring countries alike including the mass murder of the shia and kurdish people. Whether through war chemical weapons or a cleansing more than a million people lost their lives under saddam's regime however in two thousand and three believing iraq had weapons of mass destruction. the united states invaded and sent hussein into hiding. Nearly nine months later he was found in an underground bunker in his hometown of crete. The us never found any weapons of mass destruction. However hussein's capture by american forces spell the end of his dictatorship. He was imprisoned for three years during which he was tried in. Iraq's national court ultimately he was found guilty of crimes against humanity and was sentenced to hang the moments leading up to hussein's hanging were broadcast throughout the country by iraqi national television many cheered at the footage of their once. Brutal leader being led to the gallows but tribal loyalties also shaped how iraqis felt about. His execution hussein was a sunni muslim as were many members of his government while many shia were overjoyed at his death. Iraq sudanese had more mixed feelings. Some supporters of hussein chose to remember him as a hero. A defender of iraq against american occupation. Rather than a desperate. And some were outraged. After saddam's the newly-installed prime minister new reality pleaded with the rockies for unity. He said in a written statement in the name of the people. I call on all men of the past regime and manipulated by it to reconsider their stances. These pleas for peace were answered with violence. The day of hussein's execution multiple car bombs were reported in shia majority cities killing over sixty people. It seemed iraq's future was still and the climate in the country would be fraught with tension for years to come under. Iraq's fledgling government the region remained deeply divided spurring uprisings and even civil war still. Since the dom hussein's execution iraq has forged. Its way forward and progress inevitably marches on whether they cheered for lamented when saddam hussein ascended the. Gallows december thirtieth. Two thousand. Six will be a day forever ingrained in memory of the iraqi people. I'm vanessa richardson. Thanks again for joining me today. Thanks for having me. You can find my podcast daily quote on spotify or wherever you. Listen to podcasts. If you want to hear more on the regimes of other notorious leaders check out our show. Dictators today in true crime is a spotify original from podcast. You can find more episodes of today and true crime and all other spotify originals. From podcast for free on spotify. We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow in true crime today in. True crime is a spotify original from park. Ask it is executive produced by max cutler. Sound design by one boorda with production assistance. By ron shapiro. Carly madden and bruce kovic. This episode of today and true crime was written by. Alex garland with writing assistance by terrel wells. Back checking bennett. Logan and stars vanessa. Richardson and cape leonard.

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