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Care workers are among the very first to take the shot in Arizona today, Katya are speeders same or had a front row seat. To history and his live with the story. Becky ICU nurse Tim Schumacher wants to stop the coronavirus. I don't have the fear than me Kitchen. I have trust in the vaccine, and I will spread it to someone else. He has watched patients die from the virus in isolation at the Phoenix via, Schumacher says the vaccine will protect him and the community if we don't get it, and it should stop the spread, we get back to normal life again expected we'd get back to doing the things we were doing health care workers and vulnerable patients like a World war two Better and at the Via are among the first dozen people in Arizona to take the vaccine reporting live, Peter same or Katie. Our news. As for dignity, health, they're making sure every detail is right to ensure a smooth rollout for the vaccine. On Thursday, Kate ERS Gabriel Gamino continues our coronavirus team coverage with this story. All right. We'll catch Gabriel in just a moment. Let let him fill us in on that story. But in the meantime, it's 502. So we're going to check on your drive. Now. Here's Detour Dan in the Valley Chevy dealers, Traffic Center boy, all the freeway erect this afternoon, Becky Lin had been on the one on one for the most part and still are still working three separate crashes. Actually, though, two of these air one the secondary crash behind another. They're both on the stop out one of one hour free on the West side. Have Thomas. The first crash you'll see some found is now off to the right approaching Thomas. The second Rex is up ahead at Thomas, and that one is off left in the media. Now he also got a couple of another wreck on the East side on the South, found one on one team. A freeway approaching the collapse. Farthest right lane is still blocked on it. North bound Meridian closed Broadway to Apache Trail Tonight. That's where crash tried Browner, Ironwood and a couple other wrecks, ones it 51st Avenue and Elliot, another at the astray, a parkway in Van Buren. This traffic report brought to you by your valley Toyota dealer kicked the holiday season off right with a new Toyota. Visit your Valley Toyota dealer or Valley Toyota dealers. Com Today Deter Nan Kitchen is tonight Relieved for clear Skies 39 degrees right here in the Valley and colder in the outlying spots, mostly sunny on Wednesday with our high at 65 in 61, currently in Scottsdale, whether brought to you by Howard Air. 503, while nearly half of the health care workers in Arizona still aren't ready to roll up their sleeves for a covert 19 vaccine one Mayo Clinic nurse is ready to do just that. Katya years. Griselda Latino joins us Live with that story, Carly When Shit'll Lizzie registered nurse caring for Kobe 19 patients at the Mayo Clinic and Phoenix I plan on getting the vaccine. Yes, I trust in the science that has been put into it. She hopes to get that vaccine by January. She describes it as a light at the end of the tunnel, but warns it's not here quite yet. So I think vigilance is important. She encourages you to keep masking up and staying home. If you're sick, Reporting live, I'm Griselda City. No Katya on use just one day after the rollout of Fizer is coronavirus shots, the FDA says it's preliminary analysis confirms the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine developed by Moderna and the National inst. Shoots of health. A panel of outside experts is expected to recommend the formula on Thursday with the FDA approval, possibly by Friday. Now the Madonna vaccine uses the same technology ist visor and showed similarly strong protection against Kobe 19. But the Moderna vaccine does not need to be kept in the deep freeze at minus 94 F. Let's go back now to Gabriel Gamino, who's going to tell us a little bit about how dignity health is getting things ready for their role out on Thursday. Dr Beck. Yelena. Every single movement will be important to ensure safety during the drive through distribution off the corona virus. Vaccine at Dignity health come Thursday. Where do I walk after I give the vaccination even though I the safety needle in a covered, so I have the quickest route to the Red Bend. Heather James, With dignity, Hell tells key to our They've practiced everything, including foot traffic patterns, Medical emergency protocol, and even what to do in case a car breaks down. Their goal is to administer 3600 vaccines to healthcare workers each day Reporting live Gabriel Gamino, Katie our news. We have sharp rise in Arizona's coronavirus death toll Today there were 64 new deaths reported 4134. New cases also recorded And that was after more than 14,000. New diagnostic tests were processed overnight. That puts Arizona once again as a coronavirus hot spot, the CDC says. Over the past seven days, Arizona has the fourth highest daily case rate in the country where it 108 cases per 100,000 people. And only Oklahoma, Tennessee and Rhode Island had a higher rate. We don't fare as badly in the death rate over the past seven days, Arizona had 70.8 deaths per 100,000. That's the 25th highest in the country. Will Pema County is implemented a mandatory nightly curfew. The Board of Supervisors says it's due to a lack of business is complying with the voluntary curfew. County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry says they'll revisit the measure when it's about the curfew being lifted when the number of infections Fall below 100 per 100,000 curfew begins immediately starts at 10 P.m. and is lifted at 5 A.m. of the city of Tucson, implemented a similar measure at the start of the month. 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