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The clippers are really play like really really in play that he goes to the clippers and he really likes that hard nose team. And they want something different any kind of in a weird way wants to play against the warriors and beat him. And like I've heard stuff like that. So if any any of the two teams, I think those teams, but don't count out Brooklyn either. I I'd be surprised at Brooklyn end up with nothing. They've really shown a lot. And they see they have fun. How do you define nothing because you know, Kevin Durant and collider here, I'm pointing very high and I love to buy. I think he's a great fit. But I'm not crazy Tobias Harris, Kevin Durant or Coalisland when you say you'd be surprised if they end up with nothing, how do you define? What's nothing? What's considered Tobias Tobias Harris stumped? I agree with you. So so when you say they end up with something, that's who you probably thinking about a guy like that. Maybe not Kevin Durant. Okay. That'd be a big deal. I'm not phrasing correctly. I'd be back Tobias. I'm just I guess I'm clarifying that. Then may not end up with the max guys out of all max, guys like Hawaiian Durant. I think they're on a different. Okay. Yeah. They'll just yeah. They're not there yet. What can I get another guy? And then they keep your cap space open to biases air. And then, you know, then now instead of teaching to you chase one, but it's incremental growth like Knicks. They just wanna be awful. And if he really could most people can't do that. Maybe we don't even know the Knicks yet you that rob the the thing play out. But but most teams when they're coming back and building culture their culture is built by what players team the playoffs. I just like the Knicks have different rules. I always thought it was a special place to be in play. I clearly over the last twenty years they just had not been able to Milan big time pre agent. But I always I always think the Lakers are in play the Knicks earn play. But it's funny that the teams in both those cities, probably they sell culture, but they actually have great culture. Now Lakers cultures awful, but the clippers poachers great same thing with Brooklyn and New York the niche and the clippers both are better situations. The lakers. The Knicks are better because they're the Lakers and the Knicks. I mean, they are the your name wise success wise than it is in the NBA. So I think that the clippers that that they can sell but the Lakers Knicks point in their logo and say, we are the plea mute teams, you know, figuring correct figures figure this and this is coming from a Nick fan for almost fifty years. Okay. I go I got pain from the Celtics from years ago, right? Doing that. No, I think that actually I would be great radio. Here. Come the Celtics running over the. I've seen a few times when it makes it ran over the Celtics soon. So there's been that as well. Oh, man, you dated yourself. What are you eighty seven? No, no, no. I'm close. So Russell Sam Jones Casey Jones right on down the line. I want to go into it. All I've seen everything you could possibly see just remember one thing the last time won a playoff series. They beat the Celtics. Although it did not feel like they actually beat them because they almost blew game six hundred thirty. But nevertheless, nevertheless with that said just count on this as a longtime knick fans nineteen sixty to expect the worst you'd never disappointed then wind up with the fifth ticketed draft at number one wind up with a fifth day because that's the least they can get. That's the lowest they can go, and they won't get the rand or anybody of that ilk. You you didn't try to wait for zinnias? But I. Expect them to do anything on cater.

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